Die Glocke – An Alternative Theory


According to rumors spread and discussed by crypto-historians, Die Glocke (“The Bell”) was an alleged top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon, or Wunderwaffe developed (and even tested) at the very end of World War II.

Originally described by Polish journalist and author Igor Witkowski in his 2000 book Prawda o Wunderwaffe (“Truth about Wunderwaffe”), it was later popularized by military journalist and writer Nick Cook as well as by notable crypto-historians such as Joseph P. Farrell and others.

Die Glocke is usually described by crypto-historians as being a device “made out of a hard, heavy metal” approximately 3 meters wide and 4 to 5 meters high, having (not surprisingly) a shape similar to that of a large bell.

Witkowski claimed that Die Glocke, when activated, killed all living organisms within a circle 300 meters (1000 feet) in diameter. He also claimed that five of the seven original scientists working on the project died in the course of the tests from something similar to acute radiation poisoning.

Few, if any, genuine historians think that Die Glocke actually existed. It appears to be a hoax, or at best a wild exaggeration. There is, however, an interesting theory that views the abovementioned description of Die Glocke as heavily fictionalized (and thus grossly distorted) description of a fundamentally different device allegedly, indeed, developed by the Nazis at the very end of World War II.

According to this theory, the real Die Glocke was the result of a joint top secret project of two institutes of the infamous Ahnenerbe – the Überprüfung der sogenannten Geheimwissenschaften (“Examination of the so-called secret sciences”) – which officially was never established – and Wehrwissenschaftliche Zweckforschung (“Military Scientific Research”).

The latter carried out a series of research projects involving human experimentation at the Dachau concentration camp. One of the by-products of this research was the accidental discovery that ultimately led to the development of Die Glocke.

Which in reality was the device that allegedly used supernatural energies (i.e. Vril) to influence human behavior (or even outright kill human beings). Thus the ultimate objective of Die Glocke project was to incapacitate (or even kill) enemy troops on both Western and Eastern fronts thus ensuring a swift and comprehensive victory for the Third Reich.

Some crypto-historians believe that Die Glocke device was completed and even tested – with highly positive results (some subjects were killed while all others got completely insane). However, it was “too little, too late” – the war was over way before Die Glocke could be produced in any (let alone necessary) quantities.

Its developers either fled (to South America or Middle East) destroying the device and all research documentation (they had no desire to let it fall into the hands of either Soviets or Allies) or were killed by Allied bombs – which also destroyed the device.

However, something that has been invented once, can be invented again…

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