The Black Sun & the Wewelsburg Castle

Black Sun over WWB Compressed

The Black Sun (Die Schwarze Sonne) is by far the most powerful spiritual symbol. So powerful, in fact that it had been kept secret from the general public for millennia.

And for a very good reason. Another very spiritually powerful symbol – the swastika – was discovered by the Nazis and used to kill millions and cause the worst destruction and devastation in human history. Which all but destroyed their very own country – Germany.

Fortunately, the Protectors (Protectors of the Human Civilization that is) do not make the same mistake twice. So they put the necessary safeguards in place that prevented the Nazis (Heinrich Himmler, to be more specific) from using it. He tried to use it (in the Wewelsburg castle) but unsuccessfully – he did not even finish the reconstruction project there.

Consequently, although no one can be prevented from using the Black Sun (unfortunately, a lot of very unsavory character do), only those who work for the Forces of Good can tap into its spiritual powers. For everyone else it is just a symbol like any other – without any supernatural substance.

I do not like the name – “Black Sun” – attached to that symbol by a general public (our symbol is golden in color). However, I do understand the rationale for this name.

You can not look at the sun with an unprotected eye – the sun will blind you in a matter of minutes (if not seconds). Permanently. Consequently, to look at the sun, you need a protective filter. A black filter.

Likewise, you can not connect directly to the source of Divine Energy – it will burn you and kill you. Not in a matter of seconds, of course, but still rather quickly. Therefore, to get the vital and salvific energies from the Divine Source, you need a protective filter. The “black” filter.

The Black Sun – in addition to being a key that unlocks the Vril Channel, serves as this protective filter. It allows you to get Divine Energies in exactly the right amount to achieve happiness in this life and salvation in the afterlife. And not get injured in the process by these extremely powerful energies.

The black color version of the Black Sun is, unfortunately, used by neo-Nazis and other unsavory characters who have no idea about its origins, nature and power. Consequently, I have to make ourselves clear – I consider Nazi ideology not only criminal (Nazi murdered millions, caused untold devastation and destruction and committed other war crimes and crimes against humanity), but totally, completely and utterly erroneous.

Erroneous because it creates a highly distorted and thus grossly incorrect perception of reality (actually this is the primary reason why the Nazis lost the Second World War and the Third Reich lasted for mere 12 years rather than for millennium).

My philosophy is totally incompatible with both “classic” and neo-Nazism because Nazism is based on pride, hatred (wrath) and fear – and I consider all three to be very literally deadly sins.

I do not get involved in politics (we are a purely spiritual organization) but I firmly believe that neo-Nazism must be ruthlessly eradicated, hate speech (regardless of perpetrator and target) must be banned both online and offline and all hate crimes must be vigorously prosecuted.

In popular mind, the Black Sun (in black color) is associated with the Wewelsburg Castle. This castle (arguably the most mysterious in Europe) is located right next to Paderborn – the birthplace of the Holy Roman Empire and thus of the whole European civilization.

The Wewelsburg Castle got globally known thanks to SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler who wanted to convert it to… nobody really knows what. The association of the castle (and the Black Sun symbol) with the SS is severely misleading, however.

The castle was built in 1589 – some 350 years before Nazis came to power. It has a highly unusual triangular shape and its primary (and unique) purpose was neither a fortification nor even a place of residence. It is a spiritual portal into a Higher Dimension – and a source of Divine Energies. Available only to those who know how to use it – and will use it to achieve a noble objective.

Heinrich Himmler wanted to use it for his very sinister purposes – and was prevented from doing so by the Protectors. In January of 1943, all construction (and reconstruction) work has mysteriously stopped, although by that time Himmler was sufficiently powerful to simply ignore Hitler’s orders and more than sufficient resources to complete the project.

Hence, I view the Wewelsburg Castle (especially its North Tower) and the Black Sun symbol as everyone should – as mere tools for setting up, activating and maintaining a powerful channel of vital and salvific Divine Energies. In no way associated with the Third Reich, SS, Heinrich Himmler and either “classic” or neo-Nazism.

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