The Day After the Enabling Act (3)

12-11-41Preparation for and victory in the inevitable existential war required a military-industrial Quantensprung of genuinely miraculous magnitude – unheard of in modern history.

To make this quantum leap happen, Adolf Hitler needed every German to get the maximum possible contribution from every German. And he definitely could not afford even the tiniest opposition to his Divine Mission – let alone the “stab-in-the-back” that he (erroneously) believed to be the root cause of German defeat in the Great War.

This time he (and Germany) would be fighting the war for the very existence of Germany and the European civilization; therefore, defeat was not acceptable. Consequently, he must guarantee that the new “stab-in-the-back” will not happen under any circumstances, no matter how drastic.

Which meant that the opposition to the Nazis had to be annihilated. By either transforming his political opponents into fiercely dedicated and loyal Nazis (preferably), neutralizing them (by forced emigration or, better, indefinite internment in a concentration camp) or, in the most severe cases, murdering them.

To annihilate the opposition (and make sure it never rises from the grave), he will need a very powerful and omnipresent (or at least perceived that way by the population) political police, a highly efficient domestic intelligence service, a vast network of concentration camps and special political courts (as everything had to be perfectly legal). A preventive detention law was already on the books – it was a part of the Reichstag Fire Decree.

Elimination of opposition was necessary, but not sufficient. Not by a long shot. Another root cause of German defeat in the Great War was internal strife – conflict between social groups and classes in German society. This time the threat of such an internal conflict was genuinely existential and thus needed to be done away with. Quickly, efficiently and for good.

Class and social group warfare had to be replaced with not just cooperation, but synergy between different social groups. Synergy that will lead to the maximum possible performance of every German and of the whole Germany in both preparing for and fighting the inevitable wars.

Hitler’s Quantensprung was essentially a military endeavor; hence it had to be managed as a military operation. Which in practice means transforming the whole German society (both its military and civilian components) into a mighty army, infused with invincible fighting spirit, iron will, discipline and a total obedience to its commander-in-chief. To Adolf Hitler.

However, there was a problem with this obedience (to put it mildly). Despite often horrific violence unleashed by the Nazi stormtroopers (the SA) on Hitler’s political opponents – Communists, Social Democrats, other left-wingers, trade unionists, the Centre Party, etc. – NSDAP got only 43.9% of the popular vote. Not even a majority, let alone an overwhelming majority that Adolf Hitler needed.

Actually, he needed more than that. Much more. To make the Quantensprung and to win the existential war, he needed a powerful, enthusiastic and very practical, concrete and efficient everyday support of over 90% of German population.

Support so powerful that they would willingly, lovingly, enthusiastically and happily work for him, fight for him and (if necessary) even die for him doing everything possible (and even seemingly impossible) to make the Quantensprung and with the existential war.

Terror, intimidation and violence, while necessary to annihilate opposition (a must if you want to get support from almost the whole population), are obviously not sufficient.

You can not “sit on bayonets” for very long and Germans already had a very recent experience of a successful and radical revolution. And, of course, while political police and stormtroopers are a powerful force, it is a no match for a regular army. Which will not take kindly to the idea of a terrorist (let alone murderous) dictatorship.

Therefore, the only way to obtain the necessary level of support was to “reprogram” hearts, minds and souls of just about all Germans. To achieve this absolutely vital objective, it will be necessary to develop and deploy the omnipresent propaganda system – newspapers, magazines, radio, documentaries and feature films, symbols, rituals, mass meetings, rallies, parades, etc., etc.

But propaganda by itself (and even in a powerful synergy with state terror and violence) is not sufficient as “you can not fool all the people all the time”. To obtain (and keep) support of over 90% of the population, you must genuinely satisfy their key aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual. All the time. In other words, make your population (your stakeholders) genuinely happy.


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