Adolf Hitler and Job Security

IMG_0386Adolf Hitler gave Germans (and subsequently Austrians, citizens of Sudetenland, etc.) more than full employment – he gave them job security. He designed the system (political, economic and, yes, repressive) that essentially guaranteed that every able-bodied German man would have a job that would provide him and his family (his homemaking wife and several children) with sufficient income to support comfortable lifestyle.

No “developed nation” today provides such a guarantee to its citizens. Not Federal Republic of Germany. Not France. Not Great Britain. Not even the United States. In every modern nation, a woman has to work (whether she wants it or not) to provide her children (even one child) and her whole family with comfortable lifestyle.

Guess Adolf Hitler had some right ideas. And turned them into reality, making Germany the happiest nation on Earth at that time. Possible the happiest in the whole modern history. And far happier than just about all modern “developed nations”.

It took Hitler several years to convince Germans (distrustful of any politician – and for a good reason) that this was exactly what he meant and exactly what he intended to do. That he genuinely loves his adopted nation (he was Austrian by birth, after all) and that he genuinely cares about his fellow Germans.

But as soon as they understood that, they gave him their overwhelming support, all their energies and all their efforts. By tirelessly working for him, bravely and skillfully fighting for him and even dying for him – until practically the very end.

Because they knew that they were fighting not for him – but for themselves. For their genuine happiness. And thus had no desire whatsoever to be “liberated from Nazism” even by Western Allies (let alone by the Soviets whose “liberation” was not liberation at all).

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