Book on Adolf Hitler – Tentative Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Fundamentals
  3. Structure & Logic of the Book
  4. Executive Summary
  5. Adolf Hitler at a Glance
  6. His Professional Essence
  7. Soviet Existential Threat to Western Civilization
  8. His Manifesto: Mein Kampf
  9. His Political Program – the “25 Points
  10. His Foundation
  11. His Story
  12. His Key Achievements and Blunders
  13. Hitler as Military Commander
  14. His Personal Profile
  15. Hitler and the Christian Church
  16. Hitler and the Occult
  17. Crimes Committed by Adolf Hitler
  18. Other Mass Murders of the “Genocide Age”
  19. Coups & Assassination Attempts on Adolf Hitler
  20. Myths & Conspiracy Theories about Adolf Hitler
  21. Conclusions
  22. Appendices
  23. Bibliography
  24. About the Author

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