Hitler as Military Commander (2)

IMG_0337The military campaign against the Soviet Union was very different from all other (mostly successful) campaigns undertaken by Adolf Hitler. For starters, it had not one, but two fundamental objectives.

The first one was legitimate, vital, realistic and unavoidable; the second was criminal, not realty necessary – and absolutely impossible to achieve. And both were not nearly as crystal clear as the objectives of all successful campaigns of the Wehrmacht. Actually, these objectives were in many ways similar to the ones on two unsuccessful campaigns – the war with Great Britain and the one in North Africa.

The legitimate, vital, realistic and unavoidable fundamental objective was to do away with the genuinely existential threat of Bolshevism and thus to save Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being invaded, conquered and destroyed by the Bolshevist Soviet Union led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin.

Soviet invasion of Europe was inevitable; therefore, Adolf Hitler did not have a choice whether or not to invade the Soviet Union (Lebensraum or no Lebensraum). He absolutely had to – whether he wanted it or not, whether he liked it or not (he wanted to but did not really like the idea).

Given the human and natural resources available to the “Red Tamerlane” and the enormous size of the Soviet military-industrial complex (the Red Army and the Soviet military economy), the only way to win this existential war was to launch a pre-emptive strike and to destroy sufficient part of the “Red Colossus” (i.e. its military-industrial complex) in a lightning-fast blitzkrieg (given the enormous difference in available resources, winning the war of attrition was impossible).

Likewise, invasion of Poland was inevitable. Regardless of whether Adolf Hitler wanted to get back Germany territories transferred to Poland by the armed robbers at Versailles or not (he wanted to, of course and the Munich Agreement of 1938 created a legal precedent that said loud and clear that he had every right to do it) and whether he wanted to colonize Poland for his Lebensraum purposes or not.

It was inevitable for a very simple reason – to launch a pre-emptive strike on the Soviet Union, he had to have a common border with the latter; and to create this border he had to occupy the “buffer” country (Poland) that separated the two great powers.

Which, of course, does not make his colonial Lebensraum intentions and actions (let alone mass murders and other acts of violence against the Polish population) any less criminal.

Actually, this is the fundamental reason why the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was concluded so swiftly and smoothly. It had nothing to do with partitioning Europe between two predators as both Hitler and Stalin would have done what they had done with or without this agreement.

Both had one and only one fundamental (and identical) objective: to remove the “buffer” between their countries thus creating the common border. Stalin wanted to launch his conquest of Europe by invading German-controlled Polish territory; Hitler wanted to launch a preventive strike starting the war that was to be both an existential ideological war with Bolshevism and a colonial war for the “Lebensraum in the East”.

There is no evidence that on June 22nd, 1941 or even later (until he became aware of the true magnitude of the Soviet military threat) Adolf Hitler saw the Soviet invasion as imminent. He knew it would happen – he just did not expect it to happen so soon. Interestingly enough, Stalin had exactly the same feeling.

Consequently, it was another “stroke of luck” that Adolf Hitler launched his de-facto pre-emptive strike days (and possibly even hours) before Stalin was to launch his offensive.

I do not believe in such “luck” – especially when it happens again and again and again (miraculous transfiguration of Adolf Hitler; his joining the DAP; Reichstag Fire; his narrow escaping assassination attempt by Georg Elser; Munich Agreement signed literally hours before the military coup in Germany… and now this).

My attitude towards the “supernatural” is plain and simple: the proof of the pudding is in eating. In other words, if the irrefutable fact can not be explained by any “natural” theory (“luck” is not an explanation – it is an attempt to avoid the “supernatural” explanation), I accept the latter.

Hence, I am convinced that Adolf Hitler was, indeed, used and protected by the supernatural power (he called it “Providence”, I think that it was the Christian God). Used as a tool to fight and win the existential war with the “Red Menace” and thus to protect the Christian Church and the whole Christian civilization from being destroyed by the servants of Satan (although Bolsheviks never perceived themselves as such, they were as their intentions were fundamentally anti-Christian).

And to save the whole human civilization from being transformed into the Hell on Earth (literally). True, Adolf Hitler and his Nazis were highly imperfect tools (to put it mildly), but it is a well-known fact that “God writes straight with crooked lines”.

Obviously, it does not and can not in any way justify any of the crimes committed by the Nazis. Crimes which were not totally unnecessary, but actually highly detrimental to their existential war against Bolshevism (a Holy War in this respect). And contributed significantly to their defeat in World War II and to the demise of the Third Reich.


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