His Miraculous & Mysterious Transfiguration (3)

IMG_0332The supernatural explanation of his transfiguration reads like a conspiracy theory. Which in many ways it is. However, it is based on irrefutable facts, certain logic and a not insignificant doze of common sense.

First, although the abovementioned “natural” triggers caused by a series of hard emotional shocks do happen, the transfiguration of Adolf Hitler was way too radical (i.e. Quantensprung was too big) to be explained by purely natural reasons.

It was a genuinely superhuman transfiguration – and thus the supernatural explanation appears much more appropriate than the natural one.

Second, the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP; German Workers’ Party) that Adolf Hitler joined in October of 1919 (and subsequently transformed into NSDAP – the Nazi Party) was created by Thule Society – the occult group.

Third, Captain Karl Mayr – a German General Staff officer and Adolf Hitler’s immediate superior in an army Intelligence Division in the Reichswehr (who introduced Hitler to politics) claimed in his memoirs that the order to make Hitler join the German Workers’ Party (DAP) and build it up came from no other than General Erich Ludendorff.

Which was rather strange because at that time Ludendorff was a private citizen – he was forced out of the Army by the November Revolution (and even spent three months in exile in Sweden).

What made it even more strange was another irrefutable fact – Ludendorff met Hitler for the first time only three and a half years later – in May 1923. Soon he had regular contacts with National Socialists and in November of the same year he took part in the infamous Beer Hall Putsch led by Adolf Hitler (becoming essentially a deputy of the latter).

But the most interesting event happened in 1926. Ludendorff married his second wife Mathilde von Kemnitz and they established the Bund für Gotteserkenntnis (Society for the Knowledge of God), a small and rather obscure esoteric (i.e. occult) society that survives to this day.

With very, very few exceptions occult societies are totally and completely politically impotent and thus powerless to cause any serious harm (or do any serious good).

The Thule Society was an exception. It proved to be capable of doing both a serious good and a cause a serious harm by (1) founding the DAP; (2) bringing Adolf Hitler into the party; and (3) helping him to give DAP the powerful enough start (kick if you will) to bring it 25 years later to an absolute power in Germany.

Some can attribute this absolutely unique and generally miraculous success to just a stroke of pure luck. I do not believe in “luck” – especially knowing that another “stroke of pure luck” (Reichstag Fire started by a genuinely insane Marinus van der Lubbe) handed to Adolf Hitler the absolute power in Germany on a plate.

One “stroke of luck” can be (reluctantly) accepted as such; two absolutely can not.

Which means that The Thule Society was a very special occult society indeed (the proof of the pudding is only in eating). Especially given another indisputable fact – it was the Thule Society that organized a citizens’ uprising in Munich as White troops entered the city on 1 May and thus put an end to Bavarian Soviet Republic.

Every serious occult organization (and Thule Society was by all accounts a very serious organization) has two layers – public and secret. The public layer contains activities, documents and members open to the general public (to the “uninitiated”).

The secret level is accessible only to the “initiated” – the “uninitiated” (not only the general public, but guests, guest speakers and those members who are not members of the “inner circle” of the society in question) are not aware even of the existence (let alone content) of the secret layer. Which contains information of real objective, resources, plans, strategies, plans, activities, etc. of the society in question.

Consequently, it will be completely safe to conclude that we have no information whatsoever about true objectives, plans, capabilities and activities of Thule Society. We can only infer (from actual events) that their objectives included bringing Adolf Hitler and the Nazis to absolute power in Germany and then using this power to win the existential war with Bolshevism (and thus save Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from being conquered and destroyed by the “Red Plague”).

Which has been achieved – albeit at a horrible (and largely unnecessary) cost.

Some leaders of some occult societies (true leaders, not those known as leaders to the uninitiated) claim that they have supernatural powers. Just about all of them are frauds – plain and simple.

The Thule Society appears to be an exception – again. Looks like there was someone in their inner circle who was capable of triggering the hidden talents of Adolf Hitler thus performing the radical and miraculous reengineering of the latter. In other words, performing the abovementioned personal Quantensprung.

Who he or she was (it could have easily been a she), how he or she did it, what supernatural powers and capabilities were used – we will never know. We only know that in early 1920 Adolf Hitler (who was never a fan of the occult and never even visited Thule Society – let alone been its member) moved to sever the party’s link with the Thule Society.

Which subsequently fell into decline and was dissolved about five years later, well before Hitler came to power. Its Divine Mission was accomplished – there was no point in its existence any longer. The moor has done his duty, the Moor may go.


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