His Miraculous & Mysterious Transfiguration (1)

AH23It is obviously impossible to pinpoint his transfiguration to a day; but it is possible to do it to a month. Most likely (almost definitely, in fact) it happened somewhere between May 6th (when Munich was liberated from the Reds) and June 5th 1919. On the latter day Adolf Hitler attended his first anti-Bolshevik ‘instruction course’ organized by the Information (i.e. Propaganda) Department of the German Army.

Or maybe the transfiguration took the whole month. It was transfiguration, because it was too radical, miraculous and mysterious (i.e., too big Quantensprung) to be a mere transformation.

It almost looked like someone (or something) performed a radical reengineering of Adolf Hitler. Hence the best way to understand this Quantensprung (and we MUST understand it to understand Adolf Hitler and thus the whole Nazi Germany) is by using the reengineering paradigm.

This paradigm (framework, to be more precise), consists of three components: ‘AS IS’ (who he was prior to Quantensprung), “TO BE” (who he became after the Quantensprung) and transition (how he made it from “AS IS” to “TO BE”).

Let’s start with the “AS IS” part. Adolf Hitler received no higher education that could have been helpful in his political start-up project (actually, he received no higher education at all).

No management education (or even training), no formal education in politics (let alone in political analysis), economics, sociology, psychology – and no training in public speaking. Unlike Goebbels who had a doctorate level education in literature (very helpful for a propaganda professional), Hitler had no such education. Not even close.

With the exception of very limited public speaking experience to very small audiences, Hitler had no relevant practical experience either. Yes, he was a decorated war hero earning awards rarely bestowed on soldiers of his lowly rank but he has no command experience whatsoever. More than that, he actually turned down a promotion showing that he was not interested in the position of authority and command.

Hitler was a genius, no question about that. A genius-level political entrepreneur in modern history (probably the most accomplished political entrepreneur). It is well-known psychological fact that a genius recognizes his greatness at a very early age.

It did not happen with Adolf Hitler. While his desire to become a great artist (painter) was most likely driven by his mental disease, there is no indication that he ever seriously considered any other career track.

In short, in his life prior to June 1919 there was nothing, absolutely nothing that could have even hinted on his becoming one of the most powerful and accomplished political entrepreneurs and statesmen of the XX century. Who would achieve genuine miracles both in the civilian life and on the battlefield.

From just about any perspective – political, social, managerial, military, etc. – he was a genuine nobody. Worse, he was a misfit, an outcast and a miserable failure in his only attempt at greatness.

Which makes his “TO BE” (who he became) even more astounding. Suddenly he began demonstrating all talents (and formidable talents at that) required for a successful political entrepreneur.

He became a mesmerizing public speaker (and a public manipulator) capable of converting to his ideology not only those who were initially neutral but even those who were openly hostile to it (i.e. the Marxist).

It appears that Adolf Hitler followed to a T a very rude (but a highly valuable) advice: “If shit happens, turn it into a fertilizer”. And that’s exactly what he did using vicious attacks by the Marxists to transform the attackers into a fanatical, dedicated and loyal Nazis.

All of a sudden he became a highly efficient manager (both of the administrative and financial components of this occupation), developed a system of highly efficient principles for achieving a fast (but manageable) growth of a political party (i.e. of organizational engineering); became an unrivaled wizard of political propaganda, a shrewd and highly efficient negotiator, an excellent judge of character (of individuals, social groups and broad masses); a skilled manipulator capable of using just about everyone (including some powerful highly experienced political figures) to achieve his objectives. Including those that wanted to use him to achieve theirs.

Having no military command experience whatsoever, he presided over the birth and explosive growth of SA – a paramilitary force far numerically superior to Reichswehr. And subsequently became a highly skilled military commander who achieved genuinely miraculous victories on the battlefields of Europe and the Soviet Union.

He suddenly became a highly skilled political analyst (his racial prejudices and anti-Semitism notwithstanding) who all of a sudden knew what the source of the key political, economic and social was.

What were the genuine needs of the broad masses were – and how to satisfy them; what were the deficiencies of the existing political system were and how to remedy them.

Out of the blue, he demonstrated a perfect understanding how to transform his political startup (DAP) into the most powerful political force in Germany; how to use it to acquire the absolute power in Germany and how to use this power to first transform the Weimar Republic into a totalitarian Führerstaat.

And how to subsequently use this Führerstaat to solve all fundamental problems of Germany and to do what the Germans wanted (and needed) to be done. In other words, how to satisfy their aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual.

Out of a sudden he began to demonstrate capabilities absolutely unique even for a political entrepreneur (and miraculous to a point of being super-human). Capabilities of creating not only a powerful ideology and a political program (neither were unique in and of themselves, but a unique State (i.e., political, economic, social and cultural system). And even more than that – an absolutely unique and deeply mysterious civilization.

It is a well-established fact that his self-education came to an end after he joined DAP in October of 1919. And his practical experience was nowhere near the one required for such a Quantensprung. For such a transfiguration.

Consequently, the trillion-Reichsmark question (literally) is: how on Earth did it happen? How did he (or someone or something else) engineered such a miraculous and seemingly impossible (and thus genuinely super-human) transition from “AS IS” to “TO BE”.

Two possibilities come to mind: one is natural, the other… supernatural.


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