Origins of Hitler’s Racism

AH16The “racial” passages and statements in Mein Kampf (i.e. the ones that deal with “racial” issues) prove beyond the reasonable doubt that Adolf Hitler was committed, dedicated and diehard racist. And, judging from his political testament, remained that way to the very last hour of his life.

His becoming a racist was no surprise at all; actually, it would have been very surprising if he had not become one. Most likely, three factors were responsible for making Adolf Hitler a firm (and very active) champion of “racial theory”.

The seeds have been planted, obviously by Herr Doctor Pötsch (and possibly by his other teachers in Realschule in Linz). Then came his experiences in Vienna where Hitler (and most of the German minority) felt threatened by the “onslaught” of Slavs and other “alien races”.

Looking for solutions to this seemingly existential problem (which was a natural thing to do), he fell under the spell of fiery racist sermons delivered by von Schönerer, Karl Lueger and possibly others preachers of racial fear and hatred.

Which predictably formed a “tunnel vision” of racial issues in his mind, heart and soul and he – like just about everyone else in his situation – began to reinforce his racial prejudices by reading books and (mostly) magazines, brochures, pamphlets that expounded the same views as the abovementioned preachers.

But the most important – and by far the most powerful – reason was of medical (i.e. mental health) nature. When he began his political self-education, Adolf Hitler dwelled on the very bottom of a deep, dark and very painful depression pit. And thus was in a dire need of an emotional antidepressant.

At that time he still did not a clear enough idea for a super-goal for it to become a sufficiently potent “emotional medication”. He needed something else – something that would fill his mind, heart and soul with powerful positive emotions.

“Racial theory” fit the bill nicely. Very nicely, actually. Feeling (that he erroneously perceived as knowledge) that he belonged to a superior “Aryan race” of Übermenschen destined by the Providence to one day become rulers of the world was exactly the source of very powerful positive emotions that he had been looking for.

Ten years later, millions of Germans will find themselves on the very bottom of the depression pit. Humiliating defeat in the Great War, two years of hunger, murderous flu pandemic, collapse of the German Empire, crushing and grossly unfair terms of the Treaty of Versailles (an armed robbery, to be honest), economic hardships, Communist coups were essentially a series of severe emotional traumas that made the German people a genuinely “PTSD nation”.

The next years brought more emotional traumas. More Communist coups, the very real Bolshevist threat (in summer of 1920 the Red Army was seven days from capturing Berlin), hyperinflation, the Great Depression, collapse of traditional moral values, chronic political instability…

A deeply depressed nation was looking for a powerful antidepressant – a powerful source of positive emotions. And it found this medication – in a racial theory preached by a very powerful (and genuinely mesmerizing) orator Adolf Hitler.

So it gave him enough support to become a chancellor, obtain absolute power and then use this power to heal them from this terrible depression. Unfortunately, only for several short years


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