Adolf Hitler’s Professional Profile (6)

AH15Adolf Hitler was forced into politics. Not by some supernatural force (although it is a possibility) and definitely not by an occult society or group. But by a very earthly force. Manic depression. Bipolar disorder.

This mental disease is sometimes called “the geniuses’ disease”, because the manic phase supplies some of the patients with almost super-human intellectual, emotional and spiritual powers. Which is exactly what makes a genius a genius. And Adolf Hitler, alas, was no exception. That Adolf Hitler suffered from bipolar disorder, was publicly confirmed in 1943 by no other than his personal physician – Dr. Theodor Morell.

Followers of New Age and some other occult and neo-pagan teachings believe that those who suffer from bipolar disorder during manic phases connect to the sources of supernatural energies (i.e. Vril) and then channel these energies into our world, producing an extremely powerful emotional and spiritual impact (i.e. to the audience during public speaking or to the listeners of radio broadcasts).

Although both genetic and environmental factors (i.e. long-term stress) contribute to the development of bipolar disorder, about 85% of it can be traced to genetics. Consequently, it will be safe to conclude that Adolf Hitler was manic depressive since birth.

By the beginning of 1909, Adolf Hitler suffered not one, but seven severe emotional traumas. When he was ten, his younger brother Edmund died at the age of six. When he was fourteen, his father (whom he deeply respected and even revered despite their very serious differences of opinion), passed away.

When he was eighteen, his mother (whom he loved very deeply), died from cancer. In 1907 and in 1908 he was twice rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (which effectively put an end to his dream of becoming a famous painter).

Then he found out that he could not even apply to the School of Architecture because he did not have the required secondary education. And then the money ran out – and Adolf Hitler was thrown from a comfortable middle class existence to the very bottom of the social ladder.

And into a deepest, blackest and an exceedingly painful depression. Actually, this is exactly why he did not even try to improve his chances to enter the School of Painting. Or receive education required for entrance into the School of Architecture. He simply couldn’t – due to extremely severe bout of depression.

Fortunately for Adolf Hitler, there was a way out of this pit. This road will take him to Munich, to DAP, to the absolute power in Germany, to the World War II – and ultimately to the suicide in the Führerbunker.

He took that road. He simply had no other choice.


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