Adolf Hitler’s Professional Profile (5)

AH14Another key sign (and message) was his father’s insistence that Adolf Hitler should study to become a government official one day. And much more successful (i.e. occupying a much higher place in the hierarchy of the government) than Alois Hitler.  His father was absolutely right – even The Führer of Germany was still a government official – and public servant.

Another sign that sent a loud and clear message to Adolf Hitler about his Mission (and was as usual ignored by young Adolf) happened when he began his studies in a Realschule in Linz.

His favorite subjects in school were geography and history – the natural favorite subjects of any politician. Moreover, his history instructor – Dr. Leopold Pötsch (who made a very powerful impact on young Adolf and became a second role model for him) taught him to use history to analyze the present and predict the future.

It was still more fortunate that this professor was able not only to illustrate the past by examples from the present but from the past he was also able to draw a lesson for the present. He understood better than any other the everyday problems that were then agitating our minds

In other words, Herr Professor provided young Adolf with tools for political analysis and forecasting – the key instruments of any politicians.

Years later, Adolf Hitler confirmed it in Mein Kampf:

World history became more and more an inexhaustible source for the understanding of contemporary historical events, which means politics

There were other signs. From early age Adolf Hitler clearly demonstrated a powerful desire and uncanny abilities for public speaking (constantly delivering lectures on history and politics to his mother, sister, friends, classmates, etc.). Including, of course, a powerful charisma. As well as evident leadership abilities (confirmed by at least one of his instructors at school).

He later wrote in Mein Kampf:

My inborn talent for speaking began to develop and take shape during the more or less strenuous arguments which I used to have with my comrades. I had become a juvenile ringleader

What was no less important, young Adolf wanted to speak to an audience (and the larger, the better). He wanted attention, admiration and adoration from this audience, he wanted to feel in control, to feel the hold he had on the audience. He wanted to be the leader, to be in charge, to be in control, to make others submit to his iron will.

Which he had demonstrated at a very early age. He was a rebellious, stubborn and resentful teenager, demonstrating typical qualities of a revolutionary.

At a relatively young age Adolf Hitler developed at least subconscious aspiration to become a military leader (whom he became decades later). In 1924, he wrote in Mein Kampf:

Browsing through my father’s books, I chanced to come across some publications that dealt with military subjects And from that time onwards I became more and more enthusiastic about everything that was in any way connected with war or military affairs

There was a very loud and clear sign that Adolf Hitler was destined to become a very special kind of military leader. The one who would lead the “forces of light” to victory in the existential war with the “forces of darkness” (unfortunately, the real existential war turned out to be very different – as did the opposing forces).

When Hitler’s family lived in Linz (actually, in the nearby town of Leonding), it attended the Catholic church of St. Michael the Archangel. Both his parents have been subsequently buried in that church.

St. Michael the Archangel is a very special saint. He is essentially the commander-in-chief of God’s Heavenly Army; the military leader who leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces and during the very much existential war in heaven he ultimately defeats Satan.

Interestingly enough, when Heinrich Himmler was a boy, his family also attended the Catholic church of St. Michael the Archangel. Only in Munich. There is no indication, however, that Himmler ever considered it a sign or a message (he was mostly into the occult, not Christianity).

This sign was corroborated by a very similar experience. The experience that made a profound impact (at least subconsciously) on little Adolf. When he was ten, his Catholic father sent him to the local monastery at Lambach to develop his singing abilities (which he reportedly had). It was not just a monastery, but a world-famous Abbey of Lambach that had been founded in 1056 by bishop Adalbero of Würzburg.

Twenty-five years later he wrote in Mein Kampf:

I was placed in a very favorable position to be emotionally impressed again and again by the magnificent splendor of ecclesiastical ceremonial

And added:

What could be more natural for me than to look upon the Abbot as representing the highest human ideal worth striving for?

It can be inferred from this statement that for some time in his childhood, Adolf Hitler seriously considered becoming a monk and subsequently rising to the position of an Abbot of a major monastery. Which (combined with all other signs, of course) was a clear indication that he was destined to become a great spiritual leader of Germany.

But, alas, Adolf Hitler ignored all these very clear signs. And committed the first colossal strategic blunder in his life (there will be many more). He should have consulted an astrologer or numerologist (preferably both) who at that time also performed functions (and thus offered services) of psychologists and career counselors (there were plenty of such folks in Linz).

Had he done that, the counselor (who always asks for the signs in the life of an individual), he would have received a loud and clear, cut and dry, plain and simple recommendation (command, actually).

To choose a field of study that would provide him with the best possible education, training, knowledge and skills for a politician. Had he done that – and acquired “all of the above” – he would have undoubtedly avoided making blunders that he made and committing crimes that he committed. And our world would have been a very different – and a far better place.

Unfortunately, he did something very different. He decided to become an artist. A great painter.


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