Adolf Hitler’s Professional Profile (3)

IMG_0325The fact that Adolf Hitler was a political entrepreneur, explains – easily and naturally – both his meteoric rise and his spectacular downfall, his miraculous successes and his enormous failures, his almost mystical insights and his colossal blunders.

The key reasons why entrepreneurs (and their organizations) fail, is their inability (or unwillingness) to make radical changes to their management principles (and their whole management system) when the old ones stop working.

And they inevitably do – when the system under their management reaches the “critical mass of complexity”. Hence in a way, an entrepreneur in question becomes the victim of his (now increasingly her as well) own success.

That’s exactly what happened to Adolf Hitler. The first major strategic blunder was committed six months before the outbreak of World War II – on March 1st, 1939. On that day, Adolf Hitler approved the so-called “Plan Z” – a genuinely insane (and obviously doomed from the start) attempt to create the Navy that could successfully fight its British counterpart. I will cover this blunder in sufficient detail in the appropriate section of the book.

The next year Hitler committed three more blunders – allowed Britain and the Free French to evacuate its forces at Dunkirk, lost the Battle of Britain (that he should have won easily) and spent enormous amount of time an effort on preparation for another doomed-from-the-start endeavor – Unternehmen Seelöwe (Operation Sea Lion) – an airborne and amphibious assault.

In May of next year (1941) another strategic blunder was committed – instead of attacking (and occupying) Malta, Hitler ordered an airborne assault on another island – Crete. Which very probably led to the defeat of Rommel’s Afrika Korps in North Africa.

But it was the (initially very successful) invasion on Russia in June of the same year that things really started to fall apart. First, the Blitzkrieg failed (100% due to strategic blunders committed by The Führer) and then it was blunder after blunder, disaster after disaster – until on May 8th, 1945 the Third Reich ceased to exist.

Stalin did not have this problem as he inherited basically the whole management system from Vladimir Lenin. And had only to improve it (not radically change, but just improve).

This is one of the key reasons why the Soviet Union lasted for 75 years while the Third Reich – for mere twelve. The other one was the indisputable fact that Stalin had at his disposal much more natural and human resources than Adolf Hitler. The third one – no less obvious – was that in World War II Stalin got full support of mighty British Empire and no less mighty United States while Adolf Hitler had to fight these mammoth powers.

Obviously, the fact that Adolf Hitler (due to a number of reasons) had a highly distorted and thus grossly incorrect perception of the world (which more often than not ultimately leads to colossal blunders) contributed significantly to his ultimate downfall.


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