Mein Kampf & the Occult

There is no trace whatsoever of any occult teachings in Mein Kampf. Nazi ideology (developed exclusively by Adolf Hitler) may be many things but it was definitely NOT occult. Consequently, all talk about “occult roots of Nazism”, “Nazi occultism”, “Occult Reich”, etc. is just fiction. Period.

True, occult teachings (as well as pagan and neo-pagan religions) did influence the SS. However, the SS was not the whole Nazi Germany (actually, it was only a small part of the Third Reich). And outside the SS the occult activities were not only non-existent, but were actively persecuted… by the Gestapo. Which was an integral part of the SS.

It is also possible that the very much occultist Vril Society (whose existence is very much debatable) also contributed to the establishment and rise of NSDAP. However, there is no evidence whatsoever that Adolf Hitler ever attended the meetings of Thule Society.

Moreover, immediately after Adolf Hitler became the leader of NSDAP, he moved to sever all connections with the Thule Society, which subsequently fell into decline and was dissolved about five years later, well before Hitler came to power.

Consequently, there is no evidence whatsoever that Thule Society (or Vril or any other occult group) ever influenced Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf or Nazi ideology in general (the SS version of this ideology is a different story entirely).


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