“Message from Adolf Hitler” (29)

AH11Clausewitz once said:

The stigma of shame incurred by cowardly submission [to your enemies] can never be effaced. The drop of poison which thus enters the blood of a nation will be transmitted to posterity. It will undermine and paralyze the strength of later generations. But even the loss of liberty after a bloody and honorable struggle ensures the resurgence of a nation and is the vital nucleus from which a new tree will one day put forth sound roots

The events which happened in Germany after 1918 prove how the hope of securing the clemency of the victor by means of a voluntary submission had the most disastrous influence on the political attitude and conduct of the broad masses.

[Very true]

Even Alsace and Lorraine, taken by themselves, would not account for the energy with which the French conducted the War, if Alsace-Lorraine were not already considered as a part of the really vast program which French foreign policy had envisaged for the future. The aim of that program was the dismemberment of Germany into a number of small states. It was for this that chauvinist France waged war.

[Possible as Germany was the only competitor for the dominant position in continental Europe. However, it should be noted that the French leaders tried – or pretended to try to stop the outbreak of the Great War. And the subsequent course of events proved beyond the reasonable doubt that France was woefully unprepared for war]

Today there are eighty million Germans in Europe, and our foreign policy will be considered as rightly conducted only when, after barely a hundred years, there will be two hundred and fifty million Germans living on this Continent, not packed together like coolies and working in factories at the bidding of the rest of the world, but as tillers of the soil and workers whose labors will be a mutual guarantee for their existence.

[Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear announcement of the policy of colonization via aggressive military conquest]

What places Mussolini in the ranks of the world’s great men is his decision not to share Italy with the Marxists, but to redeem his country from Marxism by destroying internationalism. What miserable pygmies our sham statesmen in Germany appear by comparison with him!

[It is entirely incorrect to compare Mussolini with leaders of the Weimar Republic. Very different countries and very different situations. For starters, Italy won the war – and Germany lost it. ]

The strength of a nation lies, primarily, not in its arms, but in its will, and that before setting out to conquer the external enemy, the enemy at home must be exterminated; otherwise, disaster must result if victory be not achieved on the very first day of the fight. [This is very true, of course]

Once liberated from the deadly enemies of her present and future existence, Germany would possess forces which no power in the world could strangle again.

[Turned out to be not the case. No enemy could have done more harm to Germany than colossal blunders committed by its Führer]


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