“Message from Adolf Hitler” (28)

AH10The most important problem in our foreign policy are our relations with [Soviet] Russia.

[Sure they were – it was the Soviet Russia, and only the Soviet Russia – that presented an existential threat to Nazi Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization]

The first objective of the foreign policy of a völkisch State is to safeguard the existence on this earth of the race which has been organized as an entity by this State.

This existence is ensure by the establishment of a healthy, enduring and natural proportion between the size and the growth of the population, on the one hand, and the area and resources of its territory, on the other.

The only proportion which can be termed ‘healthy’ is one in which the resources of the soil are sufficient, to guarantee the nation’s food supply. Hence, only a sufficiently large space on this earth can assure the independent existence of the German nation.

[In short, the strategic objective of a National-Socialist State is the acquisition of the Lebensraum on an “as needed” basis]

National security depends on the political and military strength of a State and this, in turn, depends on its geographical situation looked at from the military point of view. Thus the German nation could assure its own future only by becoming a World Power [actually, a global military superpower].

Looked at purely from the territorial point of view, the area of the German Reich is insignificant in comparison with that of so-called World Powers.

[Hence, vast additional territories – Lebensraum – must be acquired. Which, obviously, could be done only by the German sword]

If France develops along the lines it has taken in our day, and should that development continue for the next three hundred years, all traces of French blood will finally be lost in the formation of a Euro-African mulatto state.

[Still a very real possibility – even these days. And an Islamic state at that]

Without any preconceived notions, the Movement must find the courage to organize our national forces, and set them on the path which will lead them beyond the confines of the ‘living space’ which is theirs today, to the acquisition of new territory [via the military conquest].

We are the custodians of the highest form of civilization on this earth [the French, the British and the Americans will rightfully disagree – and so will the Scandinavians].

Consequently, we have a correspondingly high duty and we shall fulfil this duty only if we inspire the German people with race consciousness [cultural, not racial], so that they will concern themselves not merely with the breeding of dogs, horses and cats, but also care for the purity of their own blood [their culture, actually].

The German nation, as a result of racial disintegration [cultural decline, actually], become the victim of exaggerated individualism.

Let ten generations of Germans be without the corrective and educative effect of military training and delivered over to the evil effects of their racial and, consequently, ideological disintegration [just ideological and cultural decline] and our people would lose the last relics of an independent existence on this earth.

From the past we can learn only one lesson, and this is that the aim which is to be pursued in our political conduct must be twofold, namely, (1) the acquisition of territory as the objective of our foreign policy and (2) the establishment of a new, uniform and ideologically secure foundation as the objective of our political activities at home.

[The latter is actually the necessary prerequisite for the former]

The confines of the Reich as they existed in 1914 were thoroughly illogical, because they were not really complete, in the sense of including all the members of the German people, nor were they reasonable, in view of the geographical exigencies of military defense.

[Another loud and clear call for Drang nach Osten]

Fifty per cent of our politicians are artful dodgers who are without character and hostile to our people, while the other fifty per cent is made up of well-meaning, harmless, and complaisant incompetents.

[Sounds like a pretty accurate assessment of what the political elites in Weimar republic looked like]

We are sent into this world to struggle for our daily bread, as creatures to whom nothing is donated and who must be able to win and maintain their position as lords of the earth by virtue of their own intelligence and courage.

[Sounds about right]

Only an imbecile could look on the physical geography of the globe as fixed and unchangeable. Actually, it represents only an apparent interval in a continual evolutionary process due to the certain action of the formidable forces of Nature, and is liable to destruction and transformation tomorrow through still more formidable forces. State frontiers were established by human beings and thus can be altered by human beings.

The fact that a nation has acquired an enormous territorial area is no reason why other nations should forever acknowledge its right to that territory [a loud and clear call for taking vast territories away from the Soviet Union].

At most, the possession of such territory is a proof of the might of the conqueror and the weakness of those who submit to him and this might alone is right.

In the future our people will not acquire territory and with it the means of subsistence as a favor at the hands of any other nation, but will have to win it by the power of a triumphant sword.

[Hence political opponents of the Nazis were right – Hitler was war and National Socialism was war]

Germany will either become a World Power [i.e. a superpower] or will not continue to exist, but in order to become a World Power she needs that territorial area which would give her the necessary importance to-day and assure the existence of her citizens.

[Germany is not a superpower but still very much continues to exist. Actually, it very much prospers]

We are putting a stop to the eternal German trek towards Southern and Western Europe and are turning our eyes towards the lands that lie to the east of us.

[I.e. to Czechoslovakia, Poland and the Soviet Union]

We are abandoning, once and for all, the colonial and commercial policy of pre-war days and are making a start upon the future policy of territorial expansion, but when we speak of new territory in Europe to-day we must think principally of Russia and the border states under her rule. [So Drang nach Osten it is]

In delivering Russia over to Bolshevism, Fate robbed the Russian people of that intellectual class which had once created the Russian State and was the guarantee for its existence.

[Now that’s the delusion of the century. In reality, Soviet Russia was far more powerful adversary than the Russian Empire]

The Russian State as such was not the outcome of the ability of the Slav to establish a constitution, but rather a marvelous example of the constructive political activity of the Germanic element in a race of inferior worth.

[Greek element, actually. Oh, and both founders of the Russian Empire – Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great (and most other rulers of Russia that contributed materially to it becoming an empire) were very much Russian]

For centuries, Russia has lived on this Germanic nucleus of its governing classes, but to-day this nucleus has been practically exterminated. The Jew has taken its place.

[Hitler overestimated the influence of Germans on the Russian empire. For starters, Russian elite spoke mostly French for decades. And the Soviet elite was actually international – Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, although there were Jews there, no question about that]

The Jew himself is by no means an organizing element, but rather a ferment of decomposition [tell it to Leon Trotsky – the actual founder of the Red Army, among other achievements]. This colossal empire in the East is ripe for dissolution [it was not – the Soviet totalitarian system was quite solid], and the end of the Jewish domination in Russia will also be the end of Russia as a State.

[Thousands of Jews in high positions in the Communist party, Soviet armed forces, Soviet government, Soviet secret police, etc. were executed during the Great Purge of 1934-38. And the Soviet State actually got even stronger]

Britain will never lose India unless her administrative machinery becomes corrupt as a result of racial contamination (which is at present entirely out of the question in India), or unless she is overcome by the sword of some powerful enemy.

[Britain exhausted itself during six years of war with Germany and Japan (both could and should have been avoided). And thus got too weak to keep control over India. So it lost it – and subsequently the whole British Empire]

From the purely military point of view, a Russo-German coalition waging war against Western Europe, and probably against the whole world on that account, would be catastrophic for us.

[Bolsheviks very convincingly demonstrated in the summer of 1920 (during the Polish-Soviet war when the Red Army stood only seven days’ march from Berlin) that they had no desire for such an alliance. Actually, they viewed the conquest of Germany as its second step (after occupation of Poland) to subjugation of the whole Europe – and then of the whole world]

In this new hypothetical war Russia, as a technical factor, would count for nothing. We should have practically nothing to oppose to the general mechanization of the world, which in the next war will assume overwhelming and decisive proportions.

[In reality, less than 20 years later, the Soviet Union fielded – and produced – more tanks than the rest of the world combined. More submarines than the rest of the world combined. And almost as many tactical aircraft than the rest of the world combined]

An alliance which is not for the purpose of waging war has no meaning and no value. The object of forming an alliance is to wage war. [Loud and clear]

The present rulers of Russia [i.e. its Bolshevist government] are bloodstained criminals, that here we have the dregs of humanity which, favored by the circumstances of a tragic moment, overran a great State, and, in their lust for blood [for power, actually], killed or expelled millions of educated people belonging to the ruling classes, and that now for nearly ten years they have ruled with a savage tyranny such as has never been known. [Sounds about right]

It must not be forgotten that the international Jew, who is today the absolute master in Russia, does not look upon Germany as an ally, but as a State condemned to the same doom as Russia itself.

[The absolute master in Russia was – for all practical purposes – Joseph Stalin. Who had not a drop of Jewish blood in his veins. However he – and his henchmen, indeed, looked upon Germany as their next prey – and victim]

One does not form an alliance with a partner whose only aim is the destruction of his co-partner [good idea]. Above all, one does not enter into alliances with people to whom no treaty is sacred, because they do not exist as the upholders of truth and honor, but as the protagonists of lying and deception, thievery, plunder and robbery [and that’s precisely who the Bolsheviks were].

The menace to which Russia once succumbed is perpetually hanging over Germany [very true]. Only a bourgeois simpleton could imagine that the Bolshevist danger has been overcome.

In his superficial way of thinking he does not suspect that here we are dealing with a phenomenon that is due to an urge of the blood, namely, the aspiration of the Jewish people to become the despots of the world.

[Jews as the nation had nothing to do with it. It was the aspiration of a few individuals – and ultimately just one man (Joseph Stalin) to become the despots of the whole world]

That aspiration is quite as natural as the impulse of the Anglo-Saxon to rule the world [actually, they never wanted to rule of the whole world. One-quarter of it (the British Empire) was more than enough]

In Russian Bolshevism we must recognize the kind of attempt which is being made by the Jew in the twentieth century to secure dominion over the world.

[Not by the Jew, but by the Russian (Lenin) and Georgian (Stalin). Everything else is true and correct, of course]

Today Germany is Bolshevism’s next objective. [No, the Bolsheviks wanted to get back their lost territories first. So Germany was to be attacked only after Finland, the Baltic States and Poland (and parts of Romania) had been occupied]

All the force of a fresh missionary idea is needed to rouse our nation once more, to free it from the toils of the international serpent and stop the process of corruption of our blood from within. [Actually, no – to win the existential war with Bolshevism. Which is a very different objective]

How can we teach the German worker that Bolshevism is an infamous crime against humanity if we ally ourselves with this infernal abortion and recognise its existence as legitimate?

[Somehow Nazis managed to do it even after they signed the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop pact]

Before the Great War, we might have swallowed our pride and marched at the side of Russia, but that is no longer possible to-day.

[It was not possible at that time either as the forces in the Russian government that wanted the war with Germany (and actually ignited it by masterminding the Sarajevo assassination) were way too powerful]


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