“Message from Adolf Hitler” (27)

Hitler PortraitOne cannot imagine the revival of a nation unless that revival be preceded by a process of nationalization. Experience proves that every struggle for liberty [from hostile foreign forces] increases national sentiment and national self-confidence and thereby gives rise to a keener awareness of anti-national elements and tendencies.

Conditions and persons that may be tolerated and even pass unnoticed in times of peace will not only become the object of aversion when national enthusiasm is aroused, but will even provoke positive opposition, which frequently turns out disastrous for the former.

The freedom of the country in its foreign relations is not a gift that will be bestowed upon us by Heaven or by any earthly powers, but can only be the fruit of a development of our inner strength. [Very true]

Only by fist rooting out the causes which led to our collapse  and by eliminating all those who are profiting by that collapse [i.e. all opposition to the Nazis] can we establish the conditions necessary for the struggle for freedom abroad.

The fundamental and guiding principles which we must always bear in mind when studying this question are, that foreign policy is only a means to an end and that the sole end to be pursued is the welfare of our own people.

[Absolutely. However, the reality is that foreign relations are never a zero-sum game. In other words, to maximize the aggregate value (financial, functional, emotional and spiritual) for your nation from these relationships (i.e. the welfare of your people) you must generate the proper amount of aggregate value for your external stakeholders.

Nazi did not want to know that which made their foreign relations highly imbalanced. Which ultimately contributed heavily to their defeat in World War II and to the collapse of the Third Reich]

Every problem in foreign politics must be considered solely from the following point of view: Will such and such a solution prove advantageous to our people now or in the future, or will it injure their interests? [Very true]

That is the only question which must be considered in dealing with any problem. Party politics, religious considerations, humanitarian ideals – all such and all other issues must, without compromise, give way to this.

Hence our task to-day is to make our nation powerful once again by re-establishing a strong and independent State. The re-establishment of such a State is the prerequisite and necessary condition which must be fulfilled in order that we may be able subsequently to put into practice a foreign policy which will serve to guarantee the existence, welfare and subsistence of our people in the future.

In other words, the aim which Germany ought to pursue today in her foreign policy is to prepare the way for the recovery of her liberty tomorrow.

No matter how small, of a nation and State still exists, provided it possesses the necessary independence to become not only the vehicle of the common spirit of the whole people, but also to prepare the way for the military fight for the nation’s liberty.

[An open call to do away with restrictions imposed by the Treaty of Versailles, transform tiny Reichswehr into a mighty Wehrmacht and make German military-industrial complex the most powerful in Europe – and ideally in the whole world]

One must also bear in mind the fact that the restoration of lost territories which were formerly part of the State, both ethnologically and politically [taken away from Germany at gunpoint], require winning back political power and independence for the mother-country itself first. [But still it must be done]

Therefore, the first condition for the reconquest of lost territories is intensive promotion of the welfare, and reinforcement of the strength, of that portion of the State which remained intact after the partition.

Because oppressed territories are not returned to the bosom of their common parent-country as a result of heated protests, but only by the power of the sword. The forging of this sword must be the aim of the domestic policy adopted by a country’s government, whereas it is the object of foreign policy to safeguard the forging process and to gain allies. [Makes complete sense]

The sacrifices which have to be made in the sphere of general culture, in favor of an intensive strengthening of the military power of the State will be richly rewarded later on.

[Guns first – music later. Which actually makes sense, although the Soviets somehow managed to quite successfully do both. Maybe because they had far more resources at their disposal than the Nazis]

Indeed, it may be asserted that such a concentrated effort to preserve the independence of the State is usually succeeded by a certain easing of tension or is counterbalanced by a sudden blossoming forth of the hitherto neglected cultural spirit of the nation.

[However, the culture under the Nazi rule did not exactly blossom. Probably because the most culturally productive individuals did not subscribe to Nazi ideology (or were simply Jewish) – and thus were forced to leave the country]

For the past three hundred years the history of our Continent has been definitely determined by Britain’s efforts to preserve the balance of power in Europe, thus ensuring the necessary protection of her own rear while she pursued the great aims of British world-policy.

[Very true. And that’s precisely why Britain would have never, ever supported the German plan for the acquisition of Lebensraum in Russia. As the fusion of German technologies (in science, engineering, management, etc.) will ensure German domination of continental Europe]

Now, in the history of nations, when a nation loses its instinct for self- preservation and ceases to be a possible active ally, it sinks to the level of an enslaved nation and its territory is fated to deteriorate into a colony [of a stronger rival].

The necessary condition for linking together the destinies of nations [in a political and/or military union] is never mutual esteem or mutual sympathy, but rather the prospect of advantages accruing to the contracting parties.

[Too bad Adolf Hitler did not always follow his own principle. His alliances with Italy and especially Japan did not create any value for Germany but instead led to colossal disasters]

The art of the statesman is finding at the crucial moment, for the execution of his own vital policy, those allies who must, in their own interests, adopt a similar course.

[Not necessarily. Just create sufficient financial and/or functional (political, military, etc.) value for the nation in question]

One point on which we must be clear is that France is, and will remain, the implacable enemy of Germany.

[It didn’t. The necessity to combat the common existential threat of Bolshevism in a Cold War made Germany and France highly valuable allies for each other]

Today we are not fighting for our position as a world-power, but only for the existence of our country, for national unity and our children’s daily bread.

[Actually, for both]

Serious and impartial consideration proves that it is these two Powers,

Great Britain and Italy, whose natural interests not only do not run counter to the conditions essential to the existence of the German nation, but are to a certain extent identical with them.

[The Lebensraum and Drang nach Osten strategies were so fundamentally against the vital interests of Britain in Europe that it entered into military alliance with the Red Devil Himself – Joseph Stalin. It was a colossal blunder (as Britain lost its colonies and ceased to be a global superpower), but Britain still did it.

This fundamental misunderstanding of key principles of British foreign policy led to a colossal blunder at Dunkirk and contributed heavily to the defeat of the Third Reich in World War II]

A self-respecting power which expects something more from alliances than commissions for greedy parliamentarians will not, and cannot, enter into an alliance with our present-day Germany.

[In other words, before looking for the right partner, Germany must itself become the right partner first. Which makes complete sense, obviously].

When a foreign nation has for years been presented to the public as a horde of ‘Huns,’ ‘robbers,’ ‘Vandals,’ etc., it cannot suddenly be presented as something different, and the enemy of yesterday cannot be recommended as the ally of tomorrow.

[That’s another reason why Great Britain declared war on Germany on September 3rd, 1933. Its leaders (that for the most part were in the leadership position during the previous war) simply believed their own propaganda – with disastrous results]

From the political point of view it is not in the interests of Great Britain that Germany should be ruined still more, but such a development would be very much in the interests of the Jews who manipulate the international money-markets.

[Wrong on both counts. First, most players in British, American and French financial markets were not Jewish but very much Aryan and second, short selling is not a dominant (and definitely not a long-term) strategy in these markets.

Consequently, these players want the price of securities in their portfolios go up, not down. Which is possible only during the times of economic growth – and the faster, the better]

As has so often happened in the course of history [it never did], Germany is the chief pivot of this formidable struggle [for the very existence of Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization as we know them].

If our people and our State fall victims to these oppressors of the nations, who lust after blood and gold [power, actually], the whole Earth will devoured by that hydra-headed monster. If Germany succeeds in freeing herself, from its grip, this great menace to the nations of the world will thereby be eliminated.

[Very true; however, this was a purely Bolshevist threat. Jews had nothing to do with it whatsoever].

France’s activities in Europe today, spurred on by the French lust for vengeance and systematically directed by the Jew, are a criminal attack upon the existence of the white races and will one day arouse against the French people a spirit of vengeance among a generation which will recognize racial pollution as the original sin of mankind.

[Boy, what a bunch of nonsense! Anti-German activities of France in 1920s had but one root cause – its desire to become and remain the dominant political, military and economic power in Europe.

To achieve its objective, it had to weaken – as much as possible – the nation that it (incorrectly) perceived to be its only rival. Nothing personal – just the political business of domination of Europe]

It must be quite clearly understood that we shall not get back the territories we have lost if we depend on solemn prayers addressed to Almighty God or on pious faith in a League of Nations, but only by the force of arms.

The lost territories cannot be won back by the glib tongues of parliamentary chatterboxes, but only by the whetted sword; in other words, through a fight in which blood will be shed.

[Which made the Second World War all but inevitable]

Peace treaties which make demands that fall like a whip-lash on the people turn out not infrequently to be the signal for a future revival.

[The Treaty of Versailles (the armed robbery, actually) did]

A well-directed system of propaganda should have utilized the sadistic cruelty of that treaty in order to change the indifference of the people into a feeling of indignation and transform that indignation into a spirit of dauntless resistance.

Every clause of that treaty should have been branded upon the hearts and minds of the German people until, in the souls of sixty million men and women, a common sense of shame and a hatred shared in common burst into flame like a torrent of fire, in the heat of which were forged an inflexible resolve and the cry, ‘We must have arms!’

A treaty of that kind can be used for such a purpose. Its unbounded oppression and its impudent demands were an excellent propaganda weapon to arouse the sluggish spirit of the nation and restore its vitality.

Then, every type of reading-matter from the child’s story-book to the last newspaper in the country, every theatre and cinema, every pillar where placards are posted and every free space on the hoardings should be utilized in the service of this one great mission.

[And that’s exactly what Nazis did – especially after they came to power in 1933. Two years later, Germany de-facto liberated itself from the restrictions imposed by that treaty]

We must teach our people not to fix their attention on the little things, but rather on major issues, not to exhaust their energies on questions of secondary importance and not to forget that the object for which we have to fight to-day is the bare existence of our people and that the sole enemy at whom we must strike, is the Power which is robbing us of that existence.

[Very true; however, Adolf Hitler seriously misunderstood the nature of that Power. It was Bolshevist/Marxist all right, only the Jews had nothing to do with it]

The situation in Britain is not so favorable. In that country of ‘freest democracy’ it is the Jew who, even to-day, can impose his will practically without let or hindrance, through his hold on public opinion.

And yet there is a perpetual struggle in Britain between those who are entrusted with the defense of state interests and the protagonists of Jewish world domination.

British statesmen should look anxiously ahead to a day when the cry will no longer be, ‘Britannia rules the waves’, but rather, ‘The seas belong to the United States.’

[That’s exactly what happened after World War II due to the colossal strategic blunder – the disastrous decision to declare war on Nazi Germany]

Thus, despite the fact that Britain and America fought side by side on the battlefields of Europe, the British Government could not decide to break off the alliance with their Asiatic partner, yet the whole Jewish press opposed the idea of a Japanese alliance.

[The press was right – twenty years later Japan de-facto declared war on Great Britain and occupied its valuable colonies in the Far East – Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. Which was inevitable (I will prove it in the section on WW2 in the Pacific) and thus the alliance between Britain and Japan made no sense]

Bolshevism as a world system cannot continue to exist unless it encompasses the whole earth. [Very true because it is simply not competitive with alternative systems – Nazism, Fascism and especially a liberal democracy]

The Jew is busy today stirring up antipathy towards Japan among the other nations [Japanese imperialistic policy of waging an aggressive war in China and in the whole far East was sufficient to stir powerful antipathy in the West – no Jew was needed]


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