“Message from Adolf Hitler” (25)

AH SaluteOrganization is a thing which derives its existence from organic life, organic evolution. When the same set of ideas have taken root in the minds of a certain number of people they tend of themselves to achieve a certain degree of order among those people and this inner development is of inestimable value.

As soon as an organization functions mechanically from above, there is always the danger that some individual who has been appointed to a certain office, but who has not yet proved his mettle and may be far from efficient, will, from motives of sheer jealousy, try to hinder abler persons from taking a leading place in the movement. [Happens all the time]

The damage that results from that kind of thing may have fatal consequences, especially in a new movement. [It almost always does]

For this reason it is advisable first to propagate and publicly expound the ideas on which the movement is founded. This work of propaganda should continue for a certain time and should be directed from one center.

[Smart strategy that appears to have worked very well]

When the ideas have gradually won over a number of people this human material should be carefully sifted for the purpose of selecting those who have, ability in leadership and of putting that ability to the test. And it will often be found that apparently insignificant persons nevertheless turn out to be born leaders.

Great theorists are only very rarely great organizers, because the greatness of the theorist and founder of a system coexists in being able to discover and lay down those laws that are right in the abstract, whereas the organizer must be first and foremost a [very good] psychologist.

He must take account of their weaknesses, their baseness and all their various characteristics, so as to form something which will be a living organism, endowed with great and unwavering force, fit to champion an ideal and pave the way for its successful realization.

To be a leader means to be able to move the masses. The gift of formulating ideas has nothing whatsoever to do with the capacity for leadership. [Absolutely]

It would be entirely futile to discuss the question as to which is the more important – the ability for conceiving ideals and human aims or that of being able to realize them. Here, as so often in this world, the one would be entirely meaningless without the other.

But when the abilities of theorist, organizer and leader are united in the one person, then we have the rarest phenomenon on this earth, for it is that union which makes the great man. [And that’s exactly who Adolf Hitler was]

Every movement which has gained its human material must first divide this material into two groups, namely, adherents and members. The adherent of a movement is he who sympathizes with and accepts its aims, while the member is he who fights for them. It is the task of the propagandist to gain adherents and it is the task of the organizing body to enlist members.

Since to be an adherent demands only passive acceptance of an ideal, whereas membership implies championing and defending it, there will never be more than two members to every ten adherents.

Such being the case, the propagandist must seek untiringly to acquire new followers for the movement, whereas the organizing body must see to it that only the best elements among these followers are admitted to membership.

The first task of the propagandist is to win over people who will subsequently belong to the organizing body. The first duty of the organizing body is to select and train men who will be capable of carrying on the propaganda. [Makes sense]

The second task of the propagandist is to disrupt the existing order of things and to saturate this order with the new teaching, while the second task of the organizing body must be to fight for power, so that the doctrine may finally triumph.

The propagandist must never tire in his efforts to make the new ideas clearly understood, to persuade others to adopt them and to endeavor to shake their confidence in the convictions they have hitherto held.

An ideological revolution will always be most successful, if the new ideology has been taught to the entire population, or if necessary, forced upon it subsequently [the latter is typically true], whilst, on the other hand, the movement itself, the organization, should comprise only the minimum number of persons required to man the nerve-centers of the State in question.

It is the duty of the organizing body to see that the fighting spirit of the movement does not flag or die out, but that it is constantly reinvigorated and reinforced.

It is not necessary that the number of members should increase indefinitely; on the contrary, in view of the fact that only a fraction of humanity has energy and courage, a movement which increases its own organization indefinitely must of necessity one day become weakened thereby.

[Often fatally weakened. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union is a perfect example of this happening]

Thus the greatest danger that can threaten a movement is an abnormal increase in the number of its members, owing to its too rapid success.

For this reason it is necessary that a movement should, from the sheer instinct of self-preservation, close its list of membership the moment it becomes successful, while any further increase in its organization should be undertaken only after the most careful precautions have been taken and after a painstaking sifting of those who apply for membership.

[Did not happen. When it came to power in 1933, the Nazi Party had over 2 million members. In 1939, the membership total rose to 5.3 million. By 1945 the party had 8 million members – about 10% of the German population of 80 million. Early NSDAP members called those who joined the Party after it came to power Märzveilchen – “March Violets“]

The organization should not only appoint the men who formed the original nucleus of the movement to all the important positions in those parts of the country that have been won over, but should see to it that the entire governing body is composed of such elements. This should continue until the maxims and doctrines of the party have become the foundation and substance of the new State.

[That’s exactly what Nazis did after they came to power in 1933]


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