“Message from Adolf Hitler” (20)

IMG_0293It is very difficult to select from the population those who actually possess the highest intellectual and spiritual characteristics and to assign them to that sphere of influence which not only corresponds to their outstanding talents, but in which their activities will be of the maximum possible benefit to the nation.

A Weltanschauung which repudiates the democratic principle of the rule of the masses and aims at giving this world to the best people—that is, to the highest quality of mankind—must also apply that same aristocratic postulate to the individuals within the folk-community.

It must take care that the positions of leadership and highest influence are given to the best men. Hence it is not based on the idea of the majority, but on that of personality [i.e. meritocracy. Which makes complete sense and – judging by the Quantensprung of 1933-39 – was an overwhelming success]

All the material inventions which we see around us have been produced by the creative powers and capabilities of individuals. Humanity in bulk does not turn out inventions, nor does the majority organize and think, but only the individual man.

[Very true]

Accordingly, a human community is well organized only when it facilitates to the highest possible degree individual creative forces and utilizes their work for the benefit of the community. [Absolutely]

The most valuable factor of an invention, whether it be in the world of material realities or in the world of abstract ideas, is the personality of the inventor himself.

Hence, the first and supreme duty of an organized folk-community is to place the inventor [actually, everyone] in a position where he can be of the greatest benefit to all [i.e. create the maximum amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – for the German nation].

The key achievements of mankind never came from the masses, but from the creative brains of individuals, who are therefore the real benefactors of humanity

It is in the interest of all to ensure men of creative brains a decisive influence and facilitate their work. Only those should rule who have the natural temperament and gifts of leadership. And such men of brains are selected mainly, as I have already said, through the hard struggle for existence itself.

[Actually, by solving difficult practical problems – which is not exactly the same thing]

The idea of personality, of the authority of the individual over his subordinates and of the responsibility of the individual towards the persons who are placed over him must dominate every sphere of life.

Though all human civilization has resulted exclusively from the creative activity of the individual, the principle that it is ‘the majority which counts,’ persists throughout the entire humankind.

[I does and it is not the best way to make this community happy. Because to make it happy, one must satisfy the genuine aggregate needs of the individuals – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual.

And the truth is that very few individuals can identify these needs (let alone satisfy them). They can only identify their wants and desires (which are usually very different from their genuine needs) – and elect those who promise to satisfy them. And even these wants and desires are satisfied (which does not always happen), it does not make the community happy – as its genuine needs are not satisfied.

A far better way to make people happy is to (a) create the system that will identify these needs with sufficient accuracy and (b) select the right people to run it. For abovementioned reasons, it can not be done “bottom-up”, but only “top-down”

Nazis built such a system after they came to power. It was obviously imperfect, but it worked – and worked well]

Marxism represents the most striking phase of the Jewish endeavor to eliminate the dominant significance of personality in every sphere of human life and to replace it by the numerical power of the masses.

[Actually, no, because both the Bolshevist parties and the Bolshevist states were totalitarian systems based pretty much on the same Führerprinzip as the Nazi party and the Nazi state]

The question as to whether the Marxist doctrine be right or wrong cannot be decided by any test which would show that it can administer for futurity what already exists to-day. It need only be asked whether it has the creative power to build up, according to its own principles, a civilization which would be a counterpart of what already exists.

[It did – the Bolshevist Soviet Union – which was, indeed, a unique civilization. It even lasted longer than the Third Reich – for 74 years]

On the basis of its own principles, Marxism would never be able to create anything which could supplant what exists to-day. [It did and this system achieved a quantum leap which was in many ways even more impressive than the one achieved by the Nazis]

It has been unable to create a cultural or economic system of its own anywhere.

[It was – in Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba and – to a somewhat lesser extent – in Eastern Europe]

The völkisch State must ensure the welfare of its citizens by recognizing the importance of the individual in all circumstances and by preparing the way for the maximum of productive efficiency in all the various branches of economic life, thus securing to the individual the highest possible share in the general output.

[The fair share: I give, I receive; I receive, I give – in perfect balance. And Nazis were actually quite successful in this endeavor]

Hence, the völkisch State must mercilessly eliminate from all the leading circles in the government of the country the parliamentarian principle, according to which decisive power through the majority vote is invested in the multitude. Personal responsibility must be substituted in its stead.

[At the time, it was probably the right thing to do]

The best constitution and the best form of government is that which, as a matter of course, renders it possible for the best brains to reach a position of dominant importance and influence in the community.

In its organization, the State must be established on the principle of personality, starting from the smallest cell and ascending to the supreme man in the government of the country.

There are no decisions made by the majority vote, but only by responsible persons, and the word ‘council’ is once more restored to its original meaning. Every man in a position of responsibility will have counsellors at his side, but the decision is made by that individual alone. The responsibility can and must be borne by one individual, who alone will be vested with authority and the right to command.

From the municipal administration up to the government of the Reich, the völkisch State will not have any body of representatives which makes its decisions by a majority vote.

It will have only advisory bodies to assist the chosen leader for the time being and he will distribute among them the various duties they are to perform. In certain fields they may, if necessary, have to assume full responsibility, such as the leader or president of each corporation possesses on a larger scale.

In principle the völkisch State must forbid the custom of taking advice on certain political problems (economics, for instance) from individuals who are entirely incompetent, because they lack special training and practical experience in such matters.

[Such as Adolf Hitler who fits this definition to a ‘T’]


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