“Message from Adolf Hitler” (19)

IMG_0285He who talks of the German people as having a mission to fulfil on this earth must know that this mission cannot be fulfilled except by the building up of a State whose highest purpose is to preserve and promote those nobler elements of our race [nation, actually], and of the whole of mankind, which have remained [culturally] unimpaired.

In other words, the State is given a very high mission indeed in preserving and encouraging the highest types of humanity which a beneficent Creator has bestowed on this earth.

[Adolf Hitler appears to de-facto worship two deities – Creator (God, Providence) and Nature. Or maybe even three as Providence/Fate sometimes appears to be quite different from Creator/God. Which makes him a polytheist (pagan)]

Out of a dead mechanism which claims to be an end in itself a living organism shall arise which has to serve one purpose exclusively, and that a purpose which belongs to a higher order of ideas.

As a State, the German Reich shall include all Germans. [Ein Volk – Ein Reich] Its task is not only to gather in and foster the most valuable sections of our people, but to lead them slowly and surely to a dominant position in the world.

If a highly energetic and active body of men emerges from a nation and unites in the fight for one goal, thereby ultimately rising above the inert masses of the people, this small percentage will become masters of the whole.

[Obviously – happens all the time]

Just because our task is so great and because so many difficulties have to be overcome, the probability is that only the best kind of protagonist will join our ranks. [Looks like that’s exactly what happened – with astounding results]

Nature generally takes certain measures to correct the effect which racial inter-breeding produces. She is not much in favor of the mongrel. The earlier products of interbreeding. have to suffer bitterly, especially the third, fourth and fifth generations.

[In reality, the opposite is true – “mongrels” are usually superior to their parents]

At all critical moments in which a person of pure racial blood makes correct decisions, that is to say, decisions that are coherent and uniform, the person of mixed blood will become confused and take half-measures.

[There is no scientific evidence whatsoever of it happening. In reality, it has nothing to do with “purity of blood” – and everything with individual capabilities, education, training and general upbringing]

Hence we see that a person of mixed blood is not only relatively inferior to a person of pure blood, but is also doomed to become extinct more rapidly [none of that is true]. In innumerable cases where the pure race holds its ground, the mongrel breaks down. [This is not true either]

In this present State of ours, whose function it is to be the guardian of law and order, our national bourgeoisie looks upon it as a crime to make procreation impossible for syphilitics and those who suffer from tuberculosis or hereditary diseases, and also for cripples and imbeciles.

[A loud and clear call for the sterilization of “genetically inferior” individuals]

While our European people, God be praised and thanked, are left to become the victims of moral depravity, the pious missionary goes out to Central Africa and establishes mission-stations for Negroes.

[This is something for the Church to debate, not for the temporal political power]

The State must proclaim the truth that the child is the most valuable possession a nation can have. Hence, it must be considered as reprehensible to refrain from giving healthy children to the nation.

[Because otherwise the nation will dimply die out – what is nowadays happening in Europe and Japan]

The State must assert itself as the trustee of a millennial future, in the face of which the egotistic desires of the individual count for nothing and will have to give way before the ruling of the State.

[Not for nothing, of course. The only way to make someone do something is to make him or her want to do it. Hence, the State must create in its citizens an irresistible desire to have the maximum possible number of children]

The State will have to abolish the cowardly and even criminal indifference with which the problem of social amenities for large families is treated, and it will have to be the supreme protector of this greatest blessing of which a people can boast. [Absolutely]. Its attention and care must be directed towards the child rather than the adult. [Both, actually – but focus on genuine needs rather than selfish wants]

The State should first of all not leave the colonization of newly acquired territory to a haphazard policy, but should have it carried out in accordance with definite principles.

Specially competent committees ought to issue certificates to individuals entitling them to engage in colonization work, and these certificates should guarantee the racial purity of the individuals in question. [There is no scientific way to do it]

In this way frontier colonies could gradually be founded whose inhabitants would be of the purest racial stock, and hence would possess the best qualities of the race.

[Wishful thinking. No one was ever able to prevent sexual relationships between individuals of different races (let alone nations) and no one ever will, Human nature is just way too powerful. Hence, the State must concentrate on preservation and development of national culture]

The Weltanschauung which bases the State on the racial idea must finally succeed in bringing about a nobler era, in which men will no longer pay exclusive attention to breeding and rearing pedigree dogs, horses and cats, but will endeavor to improve the breed of the human race itself.

[Good idea, the only correction is that human race is improved with “software”, not “hardware”, culture, not biology and spiritual and intellectual technologies, not eugenics]

The training, of the individual will first of all have to be directed towards the development of sound bodily health, for the general rule is that a strong and healthy mind is found only in a strong and healthy body.

[Makes complete sense as physical health is, indeed, the #1 asset of every individual]

The cultivation of the intellectual faculties occupies only second place, and here again it is character which has to be developed first of all, namely, strength of will and the ability to make decisions.

[Also very true as any idea is worthless until implemented in decisions and actions that achieve tangible results]

The educational system ought to foster a spirit of readiness to accept responsibilities gladly. Formal instruction in the sciences must be considered last in importance.

[Wrong. In reality, not just a proper balance, but a synergy must be achieved. Actually, Hitler stated the same thing a little later – “there must be a certain balance between mind and body”]

The State must start with the principle that a person whose formal education in the sciences is relatively small, but who is physically sound and robust, of a steadfast and honest character, ready and able to make decisions and endowed with strength of will, is a more useful member of the national community than a weakling who is scholarly and refined.

[Not small, but just enough. The rest is true and correct, of course]

A nation composed of learned men who are physically degenerate, or weak-willed and timid pacifists, is not capable of ensuring even its own existence on this earth.

[This one is also true]

In the bitter struggle which decides the destiny of man, it is very rare that an individual has succumbed because he lacked knowledge.

[Actually, it happens all the time – that’s why ignorance is often considered one of the genuinely deadly sins. Ignorance begets blunders; blunders beget failure – often a catastrophic one. Nazis failed to a significant extent due to ignorance in several basic truths – I will prove it in one of the next sections of this book]

What has made the Greek ideal of beauty immortal is the wonderful union [i.e. synergy] of splendid physical beauty with nobility of mind and spirit. Moltke’s saying, that, in the long run, fortune favors only the efficient, certainly holds good for the relationship between body and spirit. [Synergy again]

A mind which is sound generally dwells in a body that is sound. [Not necessarily – Roosevelt is the prime example – but it is definitely an ideal to strive for]

Accordingly, in the völkisch State physical training is not a matter for the individual alone, nor is it a duty which first devolves on the parents and is only secondarily a matter of public interest. It is necessary for the preservation of the people, who are represented and protected by the State. [All true]

Not a single day should be allowed to pass on which the young pupil does not have one hour of physical training in the morning and one in the evening, and every sort of sport and gymnastics should be included.

[An excellent idea]

The success of the November Revolution was not due to the courageous, energetic and audacious activities of its authors, but to the lamentable cowardice and irresolution of those who ruled the German State at that time and were responsible for it.

[It was much more complex than that but there is obviously a certain grain of truth in this statement]

Our superior scholastic system did not train men to be real men, but merely to be civil servants, engineers, technicians, chemists, litterateurs, jurists and, finally, professors. [Still does – with devastating results]

Our leaders in the purely intellectual sphere have always been brilliant, but when it came to taking resolute action in practical affairs our leaders have been beneath criticism. [Still are]

Confidence in oneself must be instilled into our children from their very early years. The whole system of education and training must be directed towards fostering in the child the conviction that he is unquestionably a match for anybody and everybody.

[Exactly. Not superior to anybody – but a match]

What has formerly led the German armies to victory was the sum total of the confidence which each individual had in himself, and which all of them had in their leaders.

[Yes, but there were also other important factors in play]

Only by a superabundance of national energy and a passionate thirst for liberty can we recover what has been lost. [and that’s exactly what the Nazis ignited]

The völkisch State must not confine its control of physical training to the official school period, but must demand that, after leaving school, and while his adolescent body is still developing, the boy continues this training, for on such proper physical development, success in after-life largely depends.

The völkisch State will have to consider the physical training of the youth after the school period just as much a public duty as his intellectual training, and this training will have to be carried out through public institutions.

[Another excellent idea]

In fact, the Army will no longer have to deal with recruits in the present sense of the word, but will rather have to transform into a soldier the youth whose bodily prowess has already been fully developed. In the Army the young recruit will learn the art of bearing arms and at the same time he will be equipped for his other duties in later life.

[Makes sense]

After he has completed his military training two certificates shall be handed to the soldier. The one will be his diploma as a citizen of the State, a juridical document which will enable him to take part in public affairs.

[At the time, definitely made complete sense. Probably still does]

The second will be an attestation of his physical health, which guarantees his fitness for marriage. [This was not a very good idea as it was almost impossible to provide such guarantees due to the level of medical science at that time]

The völkisch State will have to direct the education of girls just as that of boys and according to the same fundamental principles. Here again, special importance must be assigned to physical training, and only after that must the importance of spiritual and mental training be taken into account. [Again, it is important to aim for synergy]. In the education of the girl the final goal always to be kept in mind is that she is one day to be a mother. [Makes complete sense].

In parallel to physical development, the völkisch State must busy itself with the all-round training of character of its young.

Loyalty, self-sacrifice, and discretion are virtues which a great nation must possess, and the teaching and development of these in the schools is a more important matter than many other things now included in the curriculum.

To make the children give up habits of complaining, whining and howling when they are hurt, etc., also belongs to this part of their training. If the educational system fails to teach the child at an early age to endure pain and injury without complaining we cannot be surprised, if at a later age, when the boy has grown to manhood and is, for example, in the trenches, the postal service is used for nothing but to send home letters full of grumbles and complaints.

[Also makes a lot of sense – even at peacetime]

Extreme importance should be attached to the training of will-power and young people should be trained to make firm decisions and to accept responsibility.

In the training of our old Army the principle was in vogue that any order is always better than no order. Applied to our youth this principle ought to take the form that any answer is better than no answer.

The fear of replying, because one fears to be wrong, ought to be considered more humiliating than giving the wrong reply. On this simple and primitive basis, our youth should be trained to have the courage to act.

This defect is found everywhere among our people and prevents decisive action wherever risks have to be taken, as if any great action can be taken without involving risk. [As true today as it was in the 1920s]

Just as the völkisch State must one day give its attention to training the will-power and capacity for decision among the youth, so too it must cultivate in the hearts of the younger generation from early childhood onwards a readiness to accept responsibility, and the courage to make open and frank avowal.

Obviously, the brains of young people must not be generally burdened with subjects of which ninety-five per cent is useless to them and is therefore forgotten again. [Good idea, however, assessing the value of knowledge and skills acquired in school is not as easy and straightforward as it might seem]

Hence the objective of school education is to furnish the individual with that stock of knowledge, which he will need in later life and which he can use for the good of the community. [Exactly]

There is no reason why millions of people should learn two or three languages during their school years, when only a very small fraction will have the opportunity to use these languages in later life and when most of them will therefore forget these languages completely.

[Now that’s real dumb – especially for the one who aspires to lead the nation that prepares for an all-out war. Had German youngsters learned English, French and Russian in school, it would have given them a powerful advantage over its enemies. For many, Italian could have come very handy, too

It is all the more strange to hear it from Hitler who himself develop enough mastery of English and French to not only read, but also to speak these languages on an acceptable level]

History must not be studied merely with a view to knowing what happened in the past, but as a guide for the future, and to teach us what policy would be the best to follow for the preservation of our own people. [Precisely]

For an average person, history has only one mission, and that is to provide him [or her] with that amount of historical knowledge which is necessary in order to enable him to form an independent opinion on the political affairs of his own country. [Absolutely]

Finally, it is the business of the völkisch State to arrange for the writing of a world history in which the racial problem will occupy a dominant position.

[Now that would be a megaton of bullshit – pardon my French]

General education should, on the contrary, be on cultural lines. It ought to be founded more on classical studies [i.e. liberal arts] and should aim at providing only the groundwork for specialized instruction later on in the various practical sciences.

[Wrong approach. In reality, “hard sciences” create a much foundation for the future life than liberal arts. So it should be exactly the other way around]

The conflict of our time is one that is being waged around great objectives. A civilization is fighting for its existence. It is a civilization that is the product of thousands of years of historical development, and the Greek as well as the German forms part of it. [Very true]

Industrial and technical progress, trade and commerce, can flourish only as long as a folk-community inspired by ideals provides the requisite basis.

[Actually, no – modern Europe and North America are a perfect example of exactly the opposite]

It is not fortresses that will protect the country, but the living wall of its men and women, filled with an ardent love for their country and a passionate spirit of national patriotism. [Both, actually]

The teaching should be organized in such a way that the boy or girl, after leaving school, will not be a semi-pacifist, a democrat or something else of that kind, but a whole-hearted German. [German national-socialist, to be more precise]

The man who loves his nation can prove the sincerity of this sentiment only by being ready to make personal sacrifices for the nation’s welfare [true]. There is no such thing as a national sentiment which is directed towards personal interests [also true], and there is no such thing as a nationalism that embraces only certain classes [ditto].

It is only when a nation is sound in all its members [i.e. classes], physically and morally, that the joy of belonging to it can grow and swell to that supreme feeling which we call national pride.

The spirit of nationalism and a feeling for social justice must be fused into one sentiment in the hearts of the youth [creating genuine national-socialist mentality]. Then a day will come when a nation of citizens will arise which will be welded together through a common love and a common pride that shall be invincible and indestructible for ever. [It quickly turned out that the whole thing was not that simple]

By educating the younger generation along the right lines, the völkisch State will have to see to it that a generation of men will arise fit to play its part in this supreme and final combat that will decide the destiny of the world.

[i.e. in the existential war with Bolshevism]

No boy or girl must leave school without having attained a clear insight into the meaning of racial purity and the importance of maintaining our racial blood unadulterated.

[In other words, without having their minds, hearts and souls poisoned with the racist nonsense. A terrible disservice to a nation]

The training of the young must find its culmination in military service. The term of military service is to be a final stage in the educational training which the average German receives. [An open call for restoring conscription]

While the völkisch State attaches the greatest importance to physical and mental training, it has also to consider, as no less important, the task of selecting men for the service of the state itself.

It is an act of criminal insanity to train a being who is only an anthropoid by birth until the pretense can be made that he has been turned into a lawyer; while, on the other hand, millions who belong to the most civilized races have to remain in positions which are unworthy of their cultural level.

[In fact, very much worthy. Meritocracy is the absolute necessity for any nation that wants to win the fierce competition with others. And this fundamental principle requires that the job (and the enrollment in a law school, for example) must go to the most qualified applicant.

And as talent has nothing to do with race, it is very much possible that it will go to a black man – or woman. It has long been proven beyond the reasonable doubt that the most efficient society – and organization – are colorblind]

The bourgeois mind does not realize that it is a sin against the will of the eternal Creator to allow hundreds of thousands of highly gifted people to remain floundering in the swamp of proletarian misery, while Hottentots and Zulus are drilled to fill positions in the intellectual professions.

[Unfortunately for the Nazis, the truth was that “Hottentots and Zulus” are sometimes more gifted than the Aryans – and thus have the right to be educated in elite schools and get lucrative jobs]

If the same amount of care and effort were applied among intelligent races, each individual would become a thousand times more capable in such matters.

[No, it won’t as these educational tools and technologies are not capable of achieving a quantum leap in education and overall development of an individual. To transform one into a super-human being, radically different ones are needed. And they have nothing to do with eugenics]

The situation is already intolerable where talent and natural gifts are not taken as decisive factors in qualifying for the right to a higher education.

[They are – and that’s precisely why more gifted blacks are enrolled. If no insane “affirmative action” program is in place, of course]

It will be the duty of völkisch State to attract the most competent brains in the total mass of the nation and promote them to place and honor.

[And that’s exactly what Nazis did. On the one hand, quite successfully, on the other it was very stupid not to give the positions to the Jews when the latter were obviously much more qualified than the “Aryans”]

It is also its duty to make it possible for talent to develop, and above all, it must open the doors of the colleges and universities to talent of every sort, no matter in what social circles it may appear. [it was done after Nazis took power in Germany]

It will be the task of the völkisch State so to organize and administer its educational system that the existing intellectual-class will be constantly furnished with a supply of fresh blood from beneath. [Done as well]

From the bulk of the nation the State must sift out with careful scrutiny those persons who are endowed with natural talents and see to it that they are employed in the service of the community. [Done – and very efficiently at that]

The principle does not hold good only in regard to the, civil service, but also in regard to all those who are to take part in the intellectual and moral leadership of the people, no matter in what sphere they may be employed.

The greatness of a people is partly dependent on the condition that it must succeed in training the best brains for those branches of the public service for which they show a special natural aptitude and in placing them in the offices where they can do their best work for the good of the community. [Exactly]

The individual will have to be valued, not by the class of work he does, but by the way in which he does it and by its usefulness to the community. [Absolutely]


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