“Message from Adolf Hitler” (18)

IMG_0291A policy of Germanisation can be carried out only as regards territory and not as regards human beings. What has been beneficially Germanized in the course of history was the land which our ancestors conquered with the sword and colonized with German tillers of the soil.

[So foreign (i.e. Eastern) territories must be conquered by Germans and their current residents that belong to other (Slavic) nations must be enslaved by the victorious Germans. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear]

What makes a people or, to be more correct [incorrect], a race, is not language but blood [actually, not blood but common culture]. It would therefore be justifiable to speak of Germanisation only if that process could change the blood of the people who were subjected to it, which is obviously impossible.

[No. Germanisation means culturally reprogramming (brainwashing, if you will) of the individual in question so his original culture is replaced by a German one. Such an individual is called “transcultural” as he or she transcends his or her original culture and acquires a different one.

It is possible but only if the individual in question belongs to a very small percentage of those who are capable of becoming transcultural. The closer the original culture is to the German one, the higher this percentage is, of course.

As, for example, Arabic and Islamic culture in general are very different from the German one, it will be safe to assume that only an infinitesimal number of those could ever become Germanized. This simple fact must become a foundation of any sensible immigration possibly in Europe and North America]

A change would be possible only by a mixture of blood, but in this case the quality of the superior race would be debased. The final result of such a mixture would be that precisely those qualities were destroyed which had enabled the conquering race to achieve victory over an inferior people.

[No. If the offspring of such a union are raised as Germans, they will become Germans. There are plenty of examples that prove it beyond the reasonable doubt. Because it is nurture, not nature and “software”, not “hardware”]

It is especially cultural creative ability which disappears when a superior race intermixes with an inferior one, even though all the resultant mongrel race speaks the language of the race that had once been superior.

[No. It happens when the superior culture of a superior nation gets corrupted by an inferior culture of an inferior nation (superior and inferior culturally, of course). As it is far easier to lower one’s cultural standards that raise others to them, that’s exactly what usually happens]

Hence the paramount purpose of the German State is to preserve and improve the race, an indispensable condition of all progress in human civilization.

[Culture, not race. The true Mission of the State is to protect, defend and improve the culture of the nation in question because it is this culture that ultimately determine the quality of life – and the overall happiness – of every individual and the nation in question]

The fundamental principle is that the State is not an end in itself, but the means to an end. It is the preliminary condition for the development of a higher form of human civilization, but not the reason for such a development, for which a culturally creative race is alone responsible.

[This is actually true with one exception: it is not the one “culturally creative race” but several culturally creative nations that all belong to the culturally creative Western Civilization]

There may be hundreds of excellent States on this earth and yet if the Aryan, who is the creator and custodian of civilization, should disappear, all culture corresponding to the spiritual needs of the superior nations to-day would also disappear.

[In reality, the opposite is true. It is the decline and disappearance of culture that leads to the decline and disappearance of a nation, not the other way around]

The fact that States have been created by human beings does not exclude the possibility that the human race may become extinct, if the superior intellectual faculties and powers of adaptation were to be lost because the race possessing these faculties and powers had disappeared.

[Again, culture, not race]

Thus the indispensable prerequisite for the existence of a superior type of human beings is not the State, but the race, which is alone capable of producing that higher type.

[Wrong. It is exactly the State that creates infrastructure and undertakes projects that result in transformation of humans into a superior type of human beings is not the State, but the race, which is alone capable of producing that higher.

As it could be done only with spiritual and intellectual tools, race (“blood”) of the citizen is not important. Only culture is. More specifically, only those individuals can be transformed into superior beings who are culturally capable of such transformation]

This wonderful creative faculty is a special gift bestowed on the Aryan, whether it lies dormant in him or becomes active, according as adverse conditions and surroundings prevent the active expression of that faculty or favorable circumstances permit it.

[Not on the Aryan, but on the certain type of culture (e.g. Hellenic, Egyptian, Roman, Judeo-Christian, etc.). Nations become culturally productive when they are sufficiently infused by a certain type of a creative culture. Russia is a perfect example being first infused with the Greek/Byzantine culture, then with Dutch and German ones and finally with the French culture]

The State is only a means to an end. Its end and its purpose are to preserve and promote a community of human beings who are physically as well as spiritually kindred. [spiritually far more than physically]

Above all, it must preserve the existence of the race, thereby providing the indispensable condition for the free development of all the forces dormant in this race. [Culture, not race. Spirit, not blood]

Those States which do not serve this purpose have no justification for their existence. They are monstrosities. [Very true]

We can consider the State only as the living organism of a people, an organism which does not merely preserve the existence of a people, but functions in such a way as to lead that people to a position of supreme liberty by the progressive development of its intellectual and cultural faculties. [Also very true]

The cultural level of a people is not the standard by which we can judge the value of the State in which that people lives.

[Actually, it is. The State must be judged by (1) how happy are its citizens – i.e. how well their genuine needs are met and (2) how productive they are in terms of generation aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual for “their neighbors”. Both are determined by how advanced and powerful their culture is]

It is evident that a people endowed with high creative powers in the cultural sphere is of more worth than a tribe of Negroes.

[Not of Negroes – of “lowlifes”. There are lots of Blacks who are far more culturally creative and productive than hordes of “white trash”. Or trash of any other color for that matter]

Not even the best of States and state institutions can cultivate in a people faculties which they lack and which they never possessed, but a bad State may gradually destroy the faculties which once existed. [Very true]

The worth of a State can, therefore, be determined only by asking how far it actually succeeds in promoting the well-being of a definite race and not by the role which it plays in the world at large.

[Nation, not race as the State can only be a nation-State. And actually by both as the latter is always one of the key determinants of the former]

Therefore, when we speak of the high mission of the State we must not forget that the high mission belongs to the people and that the business of the State is to use its organizing powers for the purpose of furnishing the necessary conditions which allow this people freely to develop its creative faculties. [Absolutely true]


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