“Message from Adolf Hitler” (17)

IMG_0260Only when the international Weltanschauung politically directed by organized Marxism is confronted by a völkisch Weltanschauung equally well-organized and equally well-directed will the one side do battle with the other on an equal footing and victory be on the side of eternal truth.

[Actually, both Marxist and Nazi ideologies created highly distorted and thus grossly inaccurate perceptions of reality. And the result of their war was actually quite ambiguous.

In Germany, Nazis achieved a total victory, practically annihilating Marxism. They also prevented Bolsheviks from taking over Europe (the latter got only the Eastern part). However, Bolshevist Soviet Union won the war with Nazi Germany and continued to exist for 46 years after the demise of the Third Reich]

I saw dozens of new movements arise and disappear without leaving a trace behind. Only one movement had survived; it is the National Socialist German Labor Party. [Which made Adolf Hitler a brilliant political entrepreneur]

It was evident that this new movement could gain the public significance and support which are necessary prerequisites in such a gigantic struggle only if it succeeded from the very outset in awakening a sacred conviction in the hearts of its followers. [And it did – very much so]

It was not a case of introducing a new electoral-slogan into the political field, but that an entirely new Weltanschauung of radical significance had to be established. For man does not live merely to serve higher ideals, but that these ideals, in their turn, furnish the necessary conditions for his existence as a human being. Thus the circle is completed.

[In Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs it corresponds to the highest level: self-transcendence]

And, of course, it must be always remembered that the masses always respond to the compelling force which emanates from absolute faith in the ideas put forward, combined with an indomitable zest to fight for and defend them.

Only when the idealistic longing is organized in such a way that it can fight for its ideal with military force, only then can the urgent wish of a people become a vital reality.

At a time when the one side, armed with all the weapons of its Weltanschauung, no matter how criminal, makes an attack against the established order, the other side will be able to resist only if its resistance takes the form of a new faith. In our case, this is a political faith which exchanges the slogans of weak and cowardly defense for the battle-cry of a courageous and ruthless attack.

The assumption that all races are alike leads to the assumption that nations and individuals are equal to one another.

[Not assumption – a fact. It is a biological fact that individuals of different races are as different from each other as black and white cats of the same breed. Nations are not equal due to cultural differences (there are superior and inferior cultures) and individual are different because of different knowledge, skills and abilities]

In reality what distinguished Karl Marx from the millions who were affected in the same way was that, in a world already in a state of gradual decomposition, he used the unerring instinct of the prophetic genius to detect the essential poisons, so as to extract them and concentrate them, with the art of an alchemist, in a solution which would bring about the rapid destruction of the independent nations of the earth. All this was done in the service of his [Jewish] race.

[Not “Jewish race”, obviously, because culturally (and it is all that counts) Karl Marx was as Jewish as Adolf Hitler. He simply was deeply troubled by the fundamental (and horrific) problems of society in which he lived and designed a solution. Not realizing that “the medicine was far worse than a disease” – which happens more often than not with political philosophers and revolutionaries. The same, by the way, can be said about Adolf Hitler]

The bourgeois world is Marxist [not the case, obviously], only believes in the possibility of a certain group of people (the bourgeoisie) being able to dominate the world, while Marxism itself systematically aims at delivering the world into the hands of the Jews.

[Not the Jews, of course, but the leaders of the totalitarian Communist party. And ultimately into the hands of one Supreme Leader (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc.). None of whom was Jewish, by the way]

The völkisch Weltanschauung recognizes that the primordial racial elements are of the greatest significance for mankind. Hence, the State is looked upon only as a means to an end and this end is the conservation of the racial characteristics of mankind. [Which leads to the degradation, not improvement, of nations]

The völkisch principle does not admit that one race is equal to another, but by recognizing that they are different, separates mankind into races of superior and inferior quality. [Big mistake]

It selects individual values from the mass and thus operates as an organizing principle, whereas Marxism acts as a disintegrating solvent

[Actually, no. Russian Marxist state developed highly efficient organizational system that was days away from launching a successful world conquest, transformed Russia (devastated by World War II, Civil War and famine) into a global superpower, conquered Eastern Europe, China and several other Eastern nations and fought the Cold War for 40+ years.]

In a world composed of mongrels and Negroids all ideals of human beauty and nobility and all hopes of an idealized future for humanity would be lost forever.

[In terms of beauty and nobility Blacks in the USA, Canada, France, UK, etc. are neither better nor worse than Whites. Or Asians. Or Hispanics. Or Indians. In other words, RACE DOES NOT MATTER. Culture does]

On this planet of ours human culture and civilization are indissolubly bound up with the presence of the Aryan. If he were to be exterminated or become extinct, then the dark shroud of a new barbaric era would enfold the Earth.

[Not Aryan race, but a certain culture. Judeo-Christian culture, to be more precise. And the Judeo-Christian religion, of course]

Hence the völkisch Weltanschauung is in profound accord with Nature’s most sacred will, because it restores the free play of the forces which, through reciprocal education, will produce a higher type, until finally the best portion of mankind will possess the earth and will be free to work in spheres which lie not only within, but without the limits of that earth.

[An open, loud and clear call for the conquest and colonization of the Earth by Aryan race (Germans, British, French, Italians, etc.) With subsequent colonization of space and other planets. Looks a lot like the Bolshevist project – but actually is quite different]

We all feel that in the distant future man may be faced with problems which can be solved only by a superior race of human beings, which is master over all the other peoples and has at its disposal the means and resources of the whole world.

[Not a superior race – just superior human beings. Who will be radically more productive (by an order of magnitude or even more) than Homo Sapiens. They will come (survival instinct of humanity will take care of that) but will be produced with spiritual technologies, not eugenics]

The National Socialist German Labor Party extracts the essential principles from the general conception of the völkisch Weltanschauung. On these principles it establishes a political doctrine which takes into account the practical realities of the day, the character of the times, the available human material and all its deficiencies.

Through this political doctrine it is possible to bring great masses of the people into a systematic organization which is the main preliminary that is necessary for the final triumph of the völkisch ideal.


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