“Message from Adolf Hitler” (10)

IMG_0252Soon after I graduated from the abovementioned course of lectures, I I was assigned to a regiment then stationed in Munich and given a position there as ‘instruction officer.’ [i.e., a political officer].

I took up my work with the greatest zeal and devotion. Here I was presented with an opportunity of speaking before quite a large audience. I was now able to confirm what I had hitherto merely felt, namely, that I had a talent for public speaking.

[Adolf Hitler was much, much more than just a talented public speaker. He was a genuine and outstanding orator, definitely the most powerful one in the XX century and one of the most powerful in human history.

He possessed a very rare ability natural ability to speak with extraordinary eloquence and effectiveness to any crowd, regardless of its size. In other words, he had an extraordinary, genius-level talent to move huge masses of people, including even the intellectuals, emotionally, through the power of his spoken word. Thus he was a very unique and highly unusual human being.

A very powerful spiritual and emotional exchange, a fusion even, occurs between such speakers and their listeners, which is absent in public speaking. For any unbiased observer, it was obvious that he “channeled” some very powerful (and not always positive) spiritual energies – which made him a “medium” of sorts.

Orator and his audience essentially partake in a joint (almost religious) ritual, so it is no wonder that oratory is often viewed as a magic art]

No task could have been more pleasing to me than this one; for now, before being demobilized, I was in a position to render useful service to an institution which had become infinitely dear to my heart, namely, the Army.

[Again, it was much more than that. In a civilian life, Adolf Hitler was a dismal failure, an outcast, a misfit, a useless nobody while in the Army he was a well-respected and even admired soldier, a highly useful and valuable professional and a genuine war hero.

So it is no surprise that after he came to power he transformed Germany into a highly militarized (paramilitarized, to be more precise) society; in fact, into a one huge Army]

One day I received an order from my superior officer to investigate the nature of an association which was apparently political. It called itself ‘The German Labor Party’. [Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – DAP]. I was ordered to attend this meeting and report on the nature of the association.

[This order, issued by Captain Karl Mayr – a German General Staff officer and Adolf Hitler’s immediate superior in an Army Intelligence Division – put Hitler on a fast track to becoming the Führer of DAP (subsequently renamed NSDAP) and subsequently of the entire Germany.

Ironically, Mayr (promoted to mayor by then) became a fierce opponent of the Nazis and of Hitler personally. After the Nazis came to national power in 1933, he fled to France. After the Nazi occupation of France, Mayr was tracked down by the Gestapo, arrested, imprisoned, and later murdered at the Buchenwald Concentration Camp on February 9th, 1945]

A week or so after the meeting, I received a postcard which informed me, to my astonishment, that I had been admitted to the DAP. I was asked to answer this communication and to intend a meeting of the party committee on Wednesday next.

[In one of the subsequent chapters I will present my view on how and why Adolf Hitler was brought into DAP. And by whom].

I went to that meeting and found the whole thing to be utterly ridiculous. However, this ludicrous small group, with its handful of members, seemed to have the unique advantage of not yet being fossilized into an ‘organization’ and still offered a chance for real personal activity on the part of the individual.

Here it might still be possible to do some effective work, and, as the movement was still small, one could all the more easily give it the required shape. Here it was still possible to determine the character of the movement, the aims to be achieved and the road to be taken, which would have been impossible in the case of any of the big parties already existing.

The longer I reflected on this issue, the more my conviction grew, that just such a small movement would best serve as an instrument to prepare the way for the national resurgence. However, what had to be proclaimed here was a new Weltanschauung and not a new election cry.

After two days of careful brooding and reflection I became convinced that I must take the contemplated step. It was the most fateful decision of my life [and in German history]. No retreat was now possible.

Thus I declared myself ready to accept the membership tendered me by the DAP and received a provisional certificate of membership which bore the number seven [the exact number is actually debatable; however, it is interesting that in the Holy Bible number seven is the number which is stamped on every work of God. It represents spiritual perfection and completeness through union of earth with heaven].


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