Key Processes in the Nazi System

ProcessDiagram700Key processes are of utmost importance in any organization because they are the vehicles that create (or destroy) aggregate value (financial, functional, emotional and spiritual). And generation of aggregate value for its stakeholders is the fundamental mission – raison d’être – of any organization (or the country for that matter).

Consequently, I will analyze in detail all key processes in every Nazi organization that I will cover in this book. In this section, I will only list the most important processes in the Nazi system:

  1. Making and executing decisions. In other words, decision-making process in Nazi organization in question – NSDAP, SS, SA, Wehrmacht, Hitler Youth, etc. Of especial interest is, of course, the decision-making process of The Führer – Adolf Hitler.
  2. Generation of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – for Germans (internal stakeholders of Nazi Germany)
  3. Training and education. In primary and secondary school, college/university, SS, Wehrmacht, Hitler Youth, BDM, etc.
  4. Human capital management– hiring, motivation, utilization, evaluation, promotion, firing, etc.
  5. Strategic planning – in civilian, military and paramilitary organizations
  6. Design, development and deployment of military hardware – in Army/Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, etc.
  7. Gestapo investigation process. How did the much (or not so much) feared political police open cases and investigate them? How were cases referred to the prosecution? How were they taken to court and tried?
  8. Preventive detention process – both in Germany and in occupied territories (the infamous “Night and Fog” decree); from arrest to release from the concentration camp
  9. Slave labor management – in concentration camps, farms. Factories, etc.


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