Key Nazi Projects

Project-ScheduleAdolf Hitler (as well as the other Nazis and the whole Nazi system) was very results-oriented. Consequently, the Nazi system was a project-oriented organization and thus was essentially a highly complex system of interrelated strategic, tactical and operational projects.

I will cover these projects in detail in the corresponding chapters and sections of this book. In this section, I will only list the most important projects (not surprisingly, stemming from strategic objectives and strategies of the Nazis):

  1. Transform Weimar Republic into Führerstaat based on an omnipresent Führerprinzip, meritocracy, Nazi-style direct democracy and the most efficient social lifts
  2. Eliminate all political opposition – mostly by “reprogramming” them into diehard National Socialists
  3. Eliminate all class and social conflicts in German society
  4. Radically reengineer German education system (from kindergarten to university) to make sure it produces model National Socialists of both sexes
  5. Transform German people into the nation of Übermenschen (super-human beings). Sterilizing and eliminating “genetically inferior” individuals when necessary.
  6. Make Germany a strictly male-dominated society doing away with most freedoms acquired by women in Weimar Republic
  7. Do away with all humiliating restrictions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles
  8. Put an end to crippling reparations mandated by the abovementioned treaty
  9. Transform tiny Reichswehr into Wehrmacht – the most powerful armed force in the world
  10. Transform tiny and obsolete Kriegsmarine into one of the most powerful Navy in the world. Actually, the third most powerful – behind the U.S. and British Navies
  11. Create from scratch the whole branches of armed forces – Luftwaffe and Panzerwaffe
  12. Create from scratch the Schutzstaffel (SS) which will combine functions of State Protection Corps (political, criminal and order police; internal and foreign intelligence, concentration camps system and regular military units – Waffen SS) and a tool for executing Nazi racial policies (race and settlement, research, racial elite incubator, etc.)
  13. Create from scratch a whole new military force – Waffen SS – from both German and European volunteers (thus making it the first genuine pan-European army)
  14. Return all lands taken from Germany at gunpoint by the armed robbers of Versailles – by military force, if necessary
  15. Incorporate Austria into Greater Germany – by nationwide referendum
  16. Acquire enough Lebensraum in the East to (1) make Germany completely self-sufficient in foodstuffs and basic raw materials and (2) maximize well-being of German peasants (owners of agricultural and other productive land). By military force, obviously.
  17. Perform ethnic cleansing of colonized territories when necessary
  18. Transform residents of conquered Eastern lands into obedient slaves of Germans (agricultural, industrial, etc.)
  19. Physically eliminate all residents of conquered Eastern lands deemed of being of insufficient value to their German masters
  20. Make Germany economically and financially independent from the “outer world” – by acquiring sufficient Lebensraum in the East and developing whole industries for producing substitute strategic materials not available in Germany (i.e. gasoline and rubber from coal).
  21. Achieve full employment of the German labor force
  22. Radically improve financial, material and emotional well-being of Germans – in other words, make Germany a radically happier nation
  23. Radically improve physical, mental and moral health of the German nation. The latter was to be achieved by powerful omnipresent propaganda and tight Nazi control over all media (press, radio, etc.) and cultural products – arts, music , theater, books, movies, etc.
  24. Achieve stable healthy economic growth
  25. Achieve stable healthy growth of German population
  26. Make Germany a de-facto political leader of Europe and German Führer a de-facto reincarnation (in political, not religious sense) of a Holy Roman Emperor
  27. Make the German industry and German economy the most powerful not only in Europe but in the whole world. Both civilian and military, of course
  28. Make Germany completely and irreversibly Judenrein (“clean of Jews”).
  29. Seize all Jewish assets and other valuables and use them to achieve all other strategic objectives
  • Fight and win the existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union – and Bolshevism in general
  1. Destroy the Bolshevist Soviet Union and Bolshevism in general – and thus eliminate the existential threat to Germany for good


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