“Message from Adolf Hitler” (4)

AH Color HalfIdeally, not just a newspaper but a colossal propaganda system for programming (brainwashing, if you will) of the popular mind. System that would preach totally, absolutely intolerant teaching.

It is a well-established fact that the minds of the masses are accessible only to what is strong and uncompromising. The masses of the people prefer the dictator to the suppliant, and are well-led with a stronger sense of mental security by a doctrine that tolerates no rival, than by one which offers them a liberal freedom. In this intolerant doctrine, they see only the ruthless force and brutality of its determined declarations and statements, to which they always submit.

After in-depth studying of Social Democratic [i.e. Marxist] ideology, I came to a firm conclusion that it was, frankly, a bunch of lies, slanders and and defamations that was poisoning the popular mind of the German people.

And that if Social Democracy [i.e. Marxism] is opposed by a more truthful teaching, then, even though the struggle be of the most bitter kind, this truthful teaching will finally prevail, provided it be enforced with equal ruthlessness.

[As it turned out, ruthlessness was more than enough for the victory of Nazism over Marxism. Because Nazism was also a bunch of lies and defamations (at best, sincere delusions) – albeit different lies and slanders].

The highly successful tactics of Social Democracy consisted in opening a veritable barrage of lies and calumnies against their adversaries until fear of these ruthless fanatics exercised, by sheer force of suggestion, a paralyzing effect on their victims.

[That’s precisely what Nazis did a decade later – with great success. Actually, it is no surprise that one totalitarian and intolerant movement copied tools and methods successfully used by another totalitarian and intolerant group].

Their tactics are based on an accurate estimation of human frailties and must lead to success, with almost mathematical certainty, unless the other side also learns how to fight poison gas with poison gas.

[In other words, violence can be defeated only with violence and a totalitarian system only by another totalitarian system. Which has been proven first by Nazis in 1933 and then by the Bolsheviks in 1945 as the latter made the key contribution to the victory over the Third Reich].

I also came to understand that physical intimidation has its significance for the mass as well as for the individual. Here again, the psychological effect has been calculated to a nicety. The beaten opponent usually loses faith in the effectiveness of any further resistance.

Intimidation in workshops and in factories, in assembly halls and at mass demonstrations, will always meet with success as long as it does not have to encounter the same kind of intimidation in a stronger form.

[That’s exactly why Nazis created the Sturmabteilung (SA) – a paramilitary force whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Nazi rise to power. They won for one and only one reason – they were more numerous, more ruthless, more fanatical and overall stronger than their opponents].


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