Human Capital of Nazi Germany

Human CapitalIn every organization, strategic objectives (or any objectives for that matter) are achieved by its personnel. Individuals. Human beings. For this reason, appropriately called “human capital” in modern management theory.

Consequently, the efficiency of human resources management is the key factor that determines not just prosperity and growth, but the very survival of any organization. And the Third Reich was no exception.

Track record of Nazi Germany in its human capital department was mixed (to put it mildly). On the other hand, they created HR management system in general (and a motivation system in particular) which was so efficient that it allowed Nazis to (a) make a genuinely miraculous “quantum leap” in just about all areas of German life in 1933-39 and (2) achieve no less miraculous military victories on the battlefields of Europe and the Soviet Union.

In addition to making its Wehrmacht the most powerful and efficient military force in the world, Nazi Germany created Waffen-SS – the most formidable and fearsome fighting force in human history and the first genuinely pan-European army (it had neither Navy nor Air Force). Army comprised of both West and East Europeans where Germans were ultimately in the minority.

It also managed – despite its very much nationalist ideology – to receive a considerable from the population of occupied territories – in Bohemia & Moravia, Baltic nations, France, Norway, Benelux countries, Denmark and even Russia, Belarus and Ukraine (then parts of the Soviet Union).

However, in their human capital management department the Nazis committed enormous strategic blunders which ultimately contributed significantly to their defeat in World War II and to their eventual demise.

Blunders that had but one root cause – the Nazi ideology that created very distorted (and thus grossly incorrect) perception of the outside world in minds, hearts and souls of the Nazis. Perceptions that for human beings are, alas, are the only reality.

Nazis correctly believed (knew, actually) that they were fighting an existential war. They were, however, dead wrong (in a very literal sense) about the nature of that war.

They sincerely (and erroneously) believed that they were fighting this war with the “Jewish race” (which existed only in their imagination). In reality, they were fighting the war with the Bolshevist ideology and the Bolshevist Soviet Union committed to destroying both the Western civilization and the Jewish civilization (which very much existed even when Jews did not have their own state).

And that the all genetic Jews in Bolshevist systems (a very small number) were diehard internationalists – and thus sworn enemies of everything Jewish (for religious reasons, Jews are de-facto argent nationalists).

Thus Jews were not the “natural enemies” of the Nazis, but their natural allies. And highly valuable allies as Jews are the most productive and efficient nation – by far. Consequently, expelling Jews from German life (let alone physically exterminating them) was a blunder of genuinely gargantuan proportions – only a total idiot rejects such valuable allies (let alone murders them).

Another colossal strategic blunder that ultimately led to their defeat on the Eastern front and in the whole Second World War, was their inability to understand another very simple truth.

That due to sheer size of the Soviet Union (in terms of both territory and population), the only way to win the existential war with this monster was to transform the overwhelming majority of its population into Nazi allies.

Which was very much possible as all citizens of the Soviet Union were essentially slaves of the Soviet bureaucracy, Soviet state and personally of the “Red Emperor” Joseph Stalin. And thus had a very low quality of life (to put it mildly).

Which created an enormous strategic opportunity for the Nazis. The only thing that they had to do to win this war once and for all was to offer the Soviet citizens a much higher quality of life than they had under Stalin.

Which was entirely possible, but would have required a genuinely seismic change in Nazi colonial policies (and thus in Nazi ideology). Although Hitler recognized the need for improving the lives of his subjects in German-occupied territories of the Soviet Union (he admitted it in his famous “Table talk”), this change was way too much for the Nazis to actually make.

Hence they continued with their totally insane (literally) colonial policies turning tens of millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians and other Soviet citizens into their committed and motivated enemies. With a very much predictable result – defeat on the Eastern front, in the whole war and the demise of the Third Reich.


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