Legal Evaluation of Nazi Germany

ILJ10n this section, I will perform the legal evaluation of Nazi Germany and its key structures. In other words, I will determine whether these structures were fundamentally and inherently criminal (i.e., designed specifically to commit crimes against humanity).

Nazi identity was criminal, because, as genuine national-sociopaths, they were seeking to turn all other nations into servants and slaves of Nazi Germany. Physically exterminating those who would dare to resist and those whom Nazis would deem insufficiently valuable – and thus not worthy to be kept alive.

Nazi ideology was criminal, too, because it was essentially based on the inherently criminal (and erroneous) concept of an “existential racial war” where all tools, methods and weapons were acceptable to achieve victory – no matter how inhuman or criminal.

This is what Adolf Hitler himself proclaimed on this issue in 1923 in one of his speeches in Munich:

It matters not whether these weapons of ours are humane: if they gain us our freedom, they are justified before our conscience and before our God

There was nothing criminal in the Mission of Nazi Germany per se; it was its implementation that resulted in horrible crimes against humanity – possibly the worst in human history.

Only one strategic objective of Nazi Germany was criminal – the one that called for making Germany Judenrein – “clean of Jews” by deportation of Jews out of German-controlled territories and by their physical extermination.

However, many strategies, tools and methods of Nazi Germany were very much criminal because they called for commission of monstrous crimes – physical elimination of “genetically undesirable” individuals, opposition activists (and the imprisonment of the latter without trial), citizens of colonized nations deemed not sufficiently valuable to be worthy of living; colonization of Eastern territories via military conquest and their ruthless exploitation and plunder, etc.

The Nazi vision for the “ideal Germany” was criminal as well because it included all of the abovementioned crimes. As were, obviously, their strategic plans – both operational (because they included criminal activities) and financial (because Nazi Germany was in part financed by proceeds from criminal activities).

The whole Nazi System (and the Nazi government, which was not the same thing) were criminal as well, because they were specifically designed to implement (transform into reality) the inherently criminal vision by using the abovementioned criminal strategies, tools and methods.

So, obviously, were the key structures of the Nazi system – Nazi Party, SA, SS, RSHA, Gestapo, etc. However, the Wehrmacht (which was basically the renamed Reichswehr) was not a criminal organization (although it was involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity). For a very simple reason – it was initially designed to protect Germany from external threats (first and foremost, from the existential threat of Bolshevism).

It should be noted that only one branch of Wehrmacht – the German Army (Heer) was involved in war crimes. All other branches – Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Abwehr – were not guilty of these crimes.

Unlike Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS were envisioned and designed as a very special armed force. Designed specifically for fighting (and winning, of course) the existential racial war. The Criminal war.

Consequently, unlike Wehrmacht, Waffen-SS (despite its genuine heroism and a very significant contribution to saving Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization from destruction by Bolsheviks) was a criminal organization.

Nazi organizations (i.e. organizations established by the Nazis) – Hitler Youth, BDM, German Labor Front, NSKK, etc. were also criminal because they promoted inherently criminal Nazi ideology and programmed (conditioned, brainwashed) their members into becoming “model Nazis” (i.e. criminals).

Obviously, Nazi system pursued criminal projects and used criminal processes, whose “outputs” (actual results) constituted war crimes and crimes against humanity. As did, of course, many decisions and actions of Nazis.

It is important to note that to achieve their benign objectives (almost all strategic Nazi objectives were benign) and implement their very much benign Mission, Nazis did not have to commit any crimes.

These crimes not only were totally unnecessary, but actually prevented Nazis from achieving their vital strategic objectives (i.e. from transforming Germany into safe, secure, prosperous, mighty and genuinely happy nation).

More than that, those crimes ultimately led to a crushing defeat of the Nazis in World War II, loss of millions of German lives, wholesale destruction of German infrastructure, occupation of Germany by the allies, loss of additional territories and made Germans, far, far worse off than they were when Nazis came to power.

It must also be noted that Nazi system was not the only criminal system in existence at that time. Bolshevist identity, ideology, mission (as they saw it), the Bolshevist vision of Russia and the whole world, Bolshevist strategic objectives, strategies, strategic plans (both operational and financial), tools and methods, structures, projects, processes, decisions and actions, etc. were very much criminal as well.


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