Nazi Vision for Germany

EagleNazi vision of Germany (never presented as a single distinct document) was defined, obviously, by Nazi identity, Nazi ideology, Nazi mission, Nazi strategic objectives, strategies, tools and methods, but above all, by what Nazis actually did.

First and foremost, Nazis saw their “ideal Germany” as a safe, secure, prosperous, mighty and genuinely happy nation. And, of course, the dominant political, economic and military superpower not just in Europe, but in the whole world.

The country with the largest (and the mightiest) economy, the most powerful armed forces (army, navy and air force), the best science and technology, the best education and health care (and the whole social welfare system) – and, of course, with the highest living standards and the general quality of life in the world.

In other words, the country that creates the highest possible amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – for its citizens by satisfying their genuine aggregate needs to the fullest extent possible – and far better than what any other country does for its citizens.

Emotional and spiritual value will be created by skillful utilization of propaganda and extensive use of symbols, slogans, rituals, etc. And, of course, by tight and comprehensive Nazi control over education system and all forms of artistic and other expression – media (magazines, newspapers, radio, etc.) books, movies, art, etc.

The Nazi vision for Western Europe (and friendly nations in Eastern Europe such as Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania or Bulgaria) was essentially a reincarnation of the Holy Roman Empire.

In other words, while these nations keep most of their independence, they still recognize the Führer of Germany as the modern equivalent of a Holy Roman Emperor and thus pledge (and maintain) allegiance to him according to “My honor is loyalty” principle. Loyalty to the Führer of Germany that is.

As genuine national-sociopaths, Nazis viewed their relationships with their European vassals as fundamentally biased in favor of Germany. In other words, they were supposed to generate the maximum possible amount of aggregate value for the Third Reich while receiving just a bare minimum to make them content with the relationship (albeit not very happy).

Nazi saw the Third Reich as a colonial empire with enough Lebensraum in the East (Poland, Bohemia and Moravia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic countries, etc.) to achieve and maintain – at all times – self-sufficiency in foodstuffs and natural resources.

Obviously, relationships with its colonies were to be very heavily biased in favor of Germany – colonies were supposed to generate the maximum possible amount of aggregate value for the Third Reich while receiving just a bare minimum to prevent a revolt against their masters. To put it bluntly, Nazis intended to make the citizens of their colonies their servants – or even slaves.

Nazi Germany was to be a totally classless society with no class distinctions whatsoever; there can be only a single German people and beyond that nothing else.

The society where everyone must – to the best of his or her abilities – contribute to the welfare of the German nation by creating the maximum possible amount of aggregate value – financial, functional and emotional – for the German community.

The ideal Nazi state is a strict hierarchy (Führerstaat) structures according to all-important and omnipresent Führerprinzip. In practice it means that every area is managed by a local Führer who is appointed by his (it must be always a “he”) superior, answers only to his superior, must be totally obedient to his superior and has unlimited, absolute power in his area of responsibility.

These leaders (“destined to rule”) will be identified in early childhood, educated within the SS system (“incubator of the Nazi elite” among other functions) and placed on the optimal career track defined by the individual abilities, gifts and talents.

The ideal Nazi nation will consist of Übermenschen (super-human beings) created by skillful application of eugenics tools, methods and technologies. Tools that include sterilization and even physical elimination of “genetically inferior” (and thus undesirable) individuals – e.g. via the involuntary euthanasia program.

The Nazi state is headed, led and managed by The Führer who answers only to God and to the German people. In practical terms, it means that only the whole German nation can force The Führer to resign by voting correspondingly on a nationwide referendum.

However, Nazis sincerely believed that it would never happen because their Führer – Adolf Hitler – was the Chosen One (by God/Providence), the Messiah, the Savior and thus is ultimately infallible (“The Führer is always right!”). Which – for all practical purposes – made national-socialism the neo-pagan quasi-religion.

In an ideal Nazi state (and pretty much in the actual one) all leaders at all levels in the Nazis state are concerned exclusively with maximizing the welfare of Germans. In other words, with satisfying the genuine needs of the German people. Obviously, driven by the boundless and all-embracing love for the people and be ready – if necessary – even to give one’s life for Germany and the German nation.

These needs are identified by the vast nationwide network of informers run by internal intelligence service (SD-Inland), analyzed and structured by SD analysts and presented to decision-makers with recommendations for the best possible decisions (from the standpoint of the welfare of Germans, of course).

Ideal Nazi state is the deeply patriarchal (male-dominated) society. The responsibility of a man is to work for the benefit of the German people (i.e., create the aggregate value for the nation), the responsibility of a woman is to work for her husband and produce and raise as many children as possible thus ensuring the fastest-possible growth of German population.

Which, obviously, will create the need for further colonial expansion. To facilitate this expansion – and to keep the conquered and colonized nations under a firm control, the Nazi state must become a one giant army where all key structures and organizations will be militarized (paramilitarized, to be more precise) – complete with hierarchies, ranks, uniforms, etc.

In an ideal Nazi state, no dissent will be tolerated – it will be treated as high treason (the worst possible crime in the Nazi Führerstaat). Consequently, all opposition will be brutally crushed and all dissenters will either be ruthlessly re-educated in concentration camps (where they will be sent without trial – according to the preventive detention law) or executed (if deemed hopeless or if their crime is considered too grave).

To make the German nation genuinely secure, the ideal Nazi state will create a comprehensive State Protection Corps. Which will include order police, criminal police, political police (Gestapo), internal and foreign intelligence (SD) and armed forces – Waffen SS which ultimately will incorporate all branches of Wehrmacht – Army/Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine and Abwehr (military intelligence and counter-intelligence).

The Führerstaat is so efficient in identifying and satisfying the genuine needs of Germans that they simply do not need the “basic human rights” – freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of association, political freedoms (to elect and be elected), etc. All political activities must take place within the only party that is needed by the Germans – the Nazi party.

Neither do they need independent (from the executive power) parliament, the courts (or even the Central Bank, for that matter). Consequently, in the ideal Nazi state there will be no such freedoms. As Hitler himself put it, “democracy is not German – it is Jewish”.

Unlike Bolsheviks, Nazis had no intention to eliminate religion from their society by force. However, they sincerely believed that sooner or later Christianity and other religions will “die the natural death” losing the competition for hearts, minds and souls of Germans to national-socialism. Consequently, in their ideal Germany there would be no religion – Christianity or other.

And, obviously, the “ideal Nazi Germany” would be completely Judenrein. Clean of Jews (i.e. of Jewish blood). All Jews in German-controlled territory would be either expelled (i.e. deported to far-off places such as Madagascar) of physically exterminated. Murdered.


Three conclusions can (and must) be immediately drawn from this comprehensive Nazi vision for Germany. First, it apparently fit the needs, wants and desires of the overwhelming majority of Germans who overwhelmingly supported Nazis – until the very end of the Third Reich.

Second, this vision was very obviously criminal as it called for murder of “genetically inferior” individuals of German blood, ethnical cleansing of German-controlled territories of Jews (by deportation and physical extermination), invasion, occupation, colonization and enslavement of entire nations via military conquest (and very possibly extermination of a significant part of this population), preventive detention, harsh treatment and even execution of dissenters, etc.

And, finally, this “ideal Nazi state” was a modern Utopia – plain and simple. For a very simple reason – it was based on a totally incorrect belief of the infallibility of its Führer.

Which in reality was, obviously, not the case. True, Adolf Hitler was an exceptionally gifted political leader and government manager (a genius even) but he was only a human being – with all its limitations.

Consequently, as soon as the system that he led and managed got too complicated for a single individual, the Führerprinzip became a liability. A murderous liability, because Hitler got so overloaded, overburdened and overstressed by his responsibilities that inevitably began to make enormous strategic mistakes.

In fact, his whole control structure (very informal and intangible, but still a structure) over the Nazi system collapsed. Which very quickly led to the accumulation of a critical mass of horrible blunders that ultimately cost him his war, his state, his country and his very life.

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