Weimar Republic – the “Disgusting Abomination”

Weimar Coat of ArmsWeimar Republic (i.e., its very existence) was one of the key driving forces of the Nazi movement (whose key objective was to do away with this “disgusting abomination” as soon as possible).

I will devote one of the key chapters of this book to the radical reengineering of Weimar Republic (its transformation into the totalitarian Führerstaat) performed by the Nazis in 1933-35.

Therefore, in that chapter I will describe the Weimar Republic (the ‘AS IS’ of the reengineering project) in sufficient detail. In this section I will cover only the very basics.

Why Nazis considered the Weimar Republic the “disgusting abomination”? Obviously, they had some very objective reasons as Weimar Republic was unable to solve the fundamental problems that Germans needed to be solved – do away with the humiliating restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles, return territories taken away at gunpoint in Versailles (united all German Volk into Ein Reich), eliminate unemployment, achieve fast and healthy economic growth, restore German power and a glory, transform defeated, depressed and economically poor nation into a global economic, political and military superpower and make German people genuinely happy.

And, first and foremost, fight and win the existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union (i.e. save Germany from being invaded, conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks).

As Weimar republic could not achieve these vital objectives and solve these vital problems of Germany and Germans, it had to go and be replaced by the system that could. By Nazi Germany – the Third Reich.

In addition, Nazis had deep ideological reasons for initiating a radical reengineering of Weimar Republic. The latter was a democracy – and Nazis firmly believed that the best and the natural regime for Germany was a totalitarian Führerstaat.

Weimar Republic was based on individualism, human rights primacy of civilian over military and defensive foreign policy – and Nazis advocated nationalism, imperialism and colonialism via military conquest.

Weimar Republic allowed for freedom of expression which Nazis believed to be morally repugnant and leading to moral decay and ultimately collapse. In short, the realities of Weimar Republic went squarely against everything that Nazis stood for. So they did away with this “disgusting abomination”.

In addition, Weimar Republic was inherently politically unstable. Governments frequently lasted only a year and national elections were frequent. And the German people craved stability – in a few years they experienced enough shocks to last for several lifetimes. Stability that only Nazis could offer – and deliver.

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