Analyzing Nazi Projects – Questionnaire

To properly analyze the Nazi projects, you must ask the following questions:

  1. Who initiated the project in question?
  2. Who was the project leader/manager?
  3. What were the key external factors that influenced the project?
  4. What did trigger the project?
  5. Who were the key stakeholders of the project?
  6. Who were the principal actors/personnel of the project?
  7. What were the key objectives of the project?
  8. What were the key inputs of the project?
  9. What were the financial and operational plan of the project?
  10. What was the key source of financing for the project?
  11. What tools and methods were used by the principal actors?
  12. What were the key decisions and actions of the principal actors?
  13. What was the timeline (key jobs/tasks/activities) of the event?
  14. What were the actual outcomes of the project (in terms of aggregate value)?
  15. How much aggregate value was created or destroyed by the event?
  16. How efficient were the key actors in achieving project objectives and generating aggregate value?
  17. How criminal were the activities of the principal actors and the whole project in question?


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