Need for the Right Tools & Technologies

another nazi hierarchy fragmentNazi Germany was an absolutely unique and an incredibly complex system (probably, the most complex system in human history). It consisted of literally thousands and thousands components (objects, processes, projects, individuals, etc.) that interacted with each other and with their environment (internal and external stakeholders of Nazi Germany).

Obviously, to understand Nazi Germany, we must analyze (properly and in sufficient detail) all of its key components and their interactions. To make it possible, we must identify them, visualize them (you can analyze only what you can see) and structure them in the most natural, adequate and convenient way.

To make it happen, we obviously need the right methodology and the right tools (in other words, the right tools and technologies). Actually, the fundamental reason why the genuinely comprehensive guide to Nazi Germany has not yet been written is precisely the absence of such tools and technologies (and, obviously, the historians who know how to use them).

Now these tools and technologies (and the one who can and will very efficiently use them) have finally arrived.

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