Executive Summary of the Guide (4)

42. The totality of evidence (physical and documentary) and statements by victims, perpetrators and witnesses leads to one and only one conclusion: (a) the Holocaust happened exactly the way the mainstream historians say it happened and (b) the death toll was about five to six million people – exactly as claimed by the mainstream historians

43. Consequently, the so-called “Holocaust denial” (“Holocaust revisionism”) is not history, but blatant anti-Jewish propaganda and hate crime. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to criminalize Holocaust denial

44. The total number of Germans that participated in the Holocaust is at most 1% of the population (the number of actual murderers was obviously much lower). Because of Nazi obsession with secrecy, the overwhelming majority of Germans had no idea that Holocaust (mass murder of Jews) was taking place

45. Not all Holocaust participants were Germans; a small number of citizens of German-occupied nations also participated (and some even committed mass murders)

46. The Holocaust was just one (albeit arguably the worst) of 20 or so genocides, democides and mass murders committed in the XX century (which could be very appropriately called “the genocide age”)

47. The Bolshevist Soviet Union killed far more people than Nazi Germany and its Communist allies and puppets – than the allies of the Third Reich

48. The Holocaust was triggered by two interrelated causes: (a) Nazi ideology that created a highly distorted and highly incorrect perception of the world and (b) wrong conclusions that Nazis drew from indisputable facts

49. The Nazis correctly believed that they were fighting the existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union for the very survival of Germany and the whole Western Civilization; however, they incorrectly believed that Bolshevism was a part of a global “Jewish conspiracy”

50. True, the founder of Marxism (and therefore Bolshevism) was a Jew; most key leaders of Soviet Bolsheviks and of Communist coups and uprisings in Europe were also Jewish; the head of Comintern (created by the Soviets to trigger Communist revolutions worldwide) was a Jew, but these Jews were outcasts in the Jewish community which thus had nothing to do with Bolshevism (in fact, this community was one of the victims of Bolsheviks)

51. The Nazis began persecuting Jews right after they came to power in Germany; however, they commenced the Holocaust (mass murder of Jews) only in late June of 1941 after the invasion of the Soviet Union started the “hot” war with Bolshevism

52. Nazis incorrectly believed that they were fighting an existential war with the “Jewish race” (that in reality did not exist) and that to win this war, they had to exterminate all Jews – men, women and children

53. There is substantial and credible evidence that just prior to his death in March of 1953, the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin decided to commence “Holocaust 2.0” – total extermination of all Jews in the Soviet Union


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