Executive Summary of the Guide (2)

13. There was a foreign conspiracy behind the successful Bolshevik coup in October of 1917; however, it was NOT a Jewish one. In fact, it was a German conspiracy – without the crucial support from Imperial Germany, Bolsheviks would have undoubtedly lost power in 1918 (and quite possibly had never seized it in the first place)

14. Bolshevist Soviet Russia (later the Soviet Union) became an existential threat to the Western Civilization due to a ‘critical mass’ created by the fusion of four key ingredients: (a) the intrinsic messianic drive of Russian Christianity (‘pravoslaviye’); (b) Marxism adapted to Russian specifics by Vladimir Lenin; (c) the overwhelming and all-consuming desire of another genius – Joseph Stalin – to become the “Tamerlane of the XX century” – the conqueror and ruler of the entire world; and (d) assistance of the “useful idiots” – mostly from the United States – who provided the vital contribution to the construction of the Bolshevist military-industrial complex

16. The Soviet-Polish War of 1920 was the first attempt of the Bolsheviks to conquer and destroy the Western Civilization. Fortunately, it was ultimately unsuccessful (although it almost succeeded)

17. The Reichstag Fire was a crime committed by a lone arsonist – a clinically insane pyromaniac Marinus van der Lubbe; however, this crime was used for political and propaganda purposes both by the Nazis (very successfully) and the Communists and other anti-Nazis (much less so)

18. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party came to real power not on January 30th 1933 (when Hitler was appointed Chancellor), but a month later – on February 28th, when the so-called “Reichstag Fire Decree” gave them essentially dictatorial powers

19. Weimar Republic was transformed into Nazi Germany (and thus ceased to exist) on March 23rd, 1933 by the so-called Enabling Act passed by the German parliament and signed by President Hindenburg

20. Adolf Hitler became the (almost) all-powerful Führer (dictator) of Germany because he was the only politician capable of solving the absolutely vital problems of Germany: (a) save it from being conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks; (b) transform a defeated, devastated and depressed nation into an economic, political and military superpower; (c) right the wrongs committed by the “Versailles criminals”; (d) unite all Germans in Europe into “Ein Reich”; and (e) make Germany a genuinely happy nation – ideally, the happiest in the world

21. Nazi party got the (almost) absolute power in Germany for exactly the same reason – it was the only political force capable of solving these existential problems

22. It was not possible to achieve all these objectives under a democratic regime so Weimar Republic was doomed and Nazi dictatorship was inevitable. However, the latter did not have to be as brutal and criminal as it actually was to achieve its (actually quite noble) objectives

23. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party did not have an absolute power in Germany (in other words, it was not a total Nazi dictatorship). The Nazis did not control Wehrmacht – the German armed forces – which twice (in 1938 and 1944) led to military conspiracies which almost put an end to Nazi rule

24. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis delivered on their purposes and by mid-1939 largely solved the abovementioned problems (with the exception of protecting Germany from the existential Bolshevist threat)

25. Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler and Nazis committed too many incredible blunders and horrible crimes; as the result, after they were gone in May of 1945, Germany was far worse off than it was in 1933 when they took power

26. Adolf Hitler and other Nazis were generally hostile to Christianity; however, they did not intend to destroy it by force (they were confident that left to its own devices it will die a natural death in not-too-distant future). They even signed concordats with both Catholic and Lutheran churches guaranteeing these churches certain serious rights in Nazi state

27. Unlike the Nazis, the Bolsheviks were firmly committed to annihilating Christianity (and did a lot to make it happen). Consequently, it was only natural that the Christian Church (both Catholic and Lutheran) viewed Nazi Germany as the only force capable of saving it from being completely destroyed by the Bolsheviks – and behaved accordingly


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