Executive Summary of the Guide (1)

  1. Nazi Germany was a unique civilization – with a unique and vitally important Divine Mission
  2. This Divine Mission was to fight and win an existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union to save the Western (and ultimately the whole human) civilization from being occupied and destroyed by the Bolsheviks and transformed into a global Communist state – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  3. Nazi Germany did accomplish its Divine Mission and did save the Western Civilization; unfortunately, at an enormous (and mostly unnecessary) cost to itself and the whole Western Civilization
  4. Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler (and very possibly Goebbels and Bormann) were certifiable geniuses (judging by their achievements); just about all other Nazi leaders had either superior or very superior intelligence or were rated as “genius or near genius” (and many were very well-educated having received doctorate degrees from highly reputable universities)
  5. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were national-sociopaths; they deeply and sincerely loved Germany and wanted to make it a safe, prosperous and genuinely happy nation – a global economic, political and military superpower (thus they were genuine patriots of Germany)
  6. Unfortunately, it also meant that they viewed all other nations – even their allies and partners as mere servants (or even slaves) to be ruthlessly exploited – or enemies to be no less ruthlessly exterminated
  7. Nazi ideology was an extremely distorted and thus highly incorrect perception of reality and it was exactly this incorrect perception that made them commit enormous blunders and horrible crimes. Crimes and blunders that ultimately cost them their war, their country (the Third Reich) and for many Nazis – their very lives
  8. Imperial Germany was forced into World War I by Serbia, Russia and France – the actual criminals who ignited the Great War (roughly in that order)
  9. The Imperial Germany and other Central powers won the Great War on the Eastern front – and thus delivered a proper punishment to Russia who bears a lion’s share of guilt for the outbreak of World War I
  10. The Allies did not win the Great War on the Western front; the Imperial Germany lost it by committing incredible blunders such as the Zimmerman Telegram that brought the USA into the war – which made the crucial difference
  11. The colonial war for the Lebensraum in the East was driven to a very significant extent by the desire of the Nazis to make sure that the horrors of Blockade of Germany of 1914-19 (a major crime against humanity) never happen again
  12. The Versailles Treaty of 1919 that Germany was forced to sign at gunpoint was thus an armed robbery and a major crime committed by the victorious Allies (Britain, France, the USA, Italy and Japan) against defeated Imperial Germany


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