The New Book Structure

The most important feature of any civilization (or any system for that matter) is its Mission, its raison d’être. Obviously, the Nazi Germany (the Third Reich) is no exception.

Consequently, I will structure this book around the Divine Mission of the Nazi Germany which was to fight and win the existential war with the Bolshevist (Stalinist) Soviet Union and thus to save the Western (and ultimately human) civilization from being conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks.

Obviously, it makes complete sense to start with this existential threat. In other words, with explaining how Russia (in its Soviet Union incarnation) became the existential threat to the Western (and ultimately to the whole human) civilization.

It was transformed into an existential threat by a “critical mass” accumulated (much like a nuclear bomb) by the fusion of Russian messianic religion (“pravoslaviye” misleadingly and incorrectly defined as the Russian Orthodox Christianity), profound impact of a Mongol occupation of Russia (which lasted for 250 years), Marxism (in its Leninist version) and the unique personality of Joseph Stalin (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili).

A genius, obviously (one of the most accomplished and successful politicians possibly in the whole human history). But a very dark (some will say even demonic), murderous and destructive genius. Far more successful and accomplished than Adolf Hitler (or any other contemporary politicians for that matter).

Consequently, to provide a thorough, comprehensive and unambiguous explanation of how and why Russia became an existential threat to the global human civilization, I will analyze the Russian pravoslaviye, Russian history, Marxism and its History, Leninism and its history as well as biographies of the key actors in this process (responsible for this transformation) – Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin (and to a much lesser extent Leon Trotsky).

Obviously, I will cover in detail “the road to the summer solstice” – the history of the Soviet Russia and the Soviet Union in the interwar period (1917-1941). And, no less obviously, the contribution of Jewish Bolsheviks and other political activists to the Russian revolution and transformation of the Russian Empire into the Bolshevist Soviet Union.

Only then I will proceed to the genuinely comprehensive guide to Nazi Germany (structured, obviously, around its Divine Mission). Including, obviously, the German road to the summer solstice (i.e. to the commencement of Operation Barbarossa).

Naturally, I will cover the war in the appropriate detail – as well as post-war transformation of Nazi Germany into a Communist state in the East and into the liberal free-market democracy in the West.

It is a sad psychological fact that Nazi Germany associated with the Holocaust even more than with the Second World War. However, a fact is a fact so I will devote a large section of the book to this horrendous crime. In particular, I will analyze how and why the history of the Jewish people (and of anti-Semitism and Judeophobia in Europe and worldwide) led to the Holocaust.

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