Divine Mission of the Third Reich

Nazi KnightEvery nation (let alone civilization) has its Mission, its raison d’être. And the Third Reich (which was a unique civilization) was obviously no exception. Not surprisingly is Mission (a Divine Mission, actually) was very closely associated with the Second World War.

World War II was the most murderous and devastating catastrophe in human history – no doubt about that. Mainstream historians mostly agree that it was even worse than that – that in the beginning of 1940s human (or at least Western) civilization as we know it almost ceased to exist.

These historians, however, incorrectly claim that it was Nazi Germany that intended to destroy our civilization and replace it with the alternative (national-socialist) civilization.

In reality, it was not the case – Adolf Hitler stated both publicly and privately that he had no desire to impose national-socialism on any nation and wanted every nation to continue to live the way they used to.

It was no the Nazi Germany but the Bolshevist (Stalinist, actually) Soviet Union that was firmly committed to invading, conquering and destroying the whole human civilization and to subsequent replacing it with an alternative civilization – the global (all-encompassing, actually) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

Actually, the Soviet Union as it was created in 1922 as another unique civilization was specifically designed for but one purpose. Conquering the entire world – starting with then-independent former territories of the Russian Empire, then swallowing Europe, then occupying the Middle East, India… etc.

To achieve this objective, the Soviet Union (more precisely, its all-powerful dictator Joseph Stalin and his Bolshevik Party) intended to start the global war – the Second World War. The existential war for the very existence of the Western and the whole human civilization as we know it.

Consequently, the Divine Mission, the raison d’être of the Third Reich (the Nazi Germany) was to fight and win the existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union thus saving the Western (and ultimately the whole human) civilization from being defeated, occupied, conquered and destroyed by the alternative Bolshevik civilization.

Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were neither saints nor angels. Well, they probably were angels – but of a very specific kind. Dark angels – the angels of death and destruction.

Hitler and his Nazis were ruthless national-sociopaths – although they were driven primarily by a powerful, deep and sincere love for Germany and the German nation, they viewed all other nations as mere tools to be used (exploited, actually) to make Germany a genuinely happy nation.

Consequently, although they claimed that they were fighting the war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union to protect and save the Western (and the whole human) civilization, it was mostly propaganda.

They were fighting the war with the right enemy, that’s for sure – but for entirely different (and quite ignoble) reason. They were fighting for Lebensraum (“living space”) for the Germans – primarily for German farmers.

In other words, they were fighting essentially a colonial war where their primary objective was to colonize the Western Soviet Union (its territory west of the Ural mountains) and transform it into the source of agriculture products and raw materials and the market for selling goods manufactured by German industry.

The immutable law of human civilizations is that every nation that does execute its mission (i.e. deviates from its raison d’être – especially for selfish, ignoble reasons) is punished for it.

Consequently, it is no surprise that Nazi Germany was only partially successful in its existential war with the Soviet Union. It did prevent Stalin from occupying and destroying the whole European civilization; however, it did lose the World War II (which led to the demise of the Third Reich and to a suicide or execution of most of its leaders).

It also did not completely prevent the Soviet Union from occupying European and Asian countries – it established puppet Communist regimes (by direct occupation or other means) in East Germany, Yugoslavia, Albania, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Mongolia, China, North Korea, Vietnam and subsequently in Laos, Cambodia and Cuba.


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