WW2 – War between the Serial Mass Murderers

Mass Grave

Mainstream historians claim (incorrectly) that the Second World War was about noble and valiant homicide cops (Great Britain, the Soviet Union, the USA and their allies) fighting serial mass murderers – Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and their allies.

The reality, however, was very, very different. In reality, not two, but six mass murderers were roaming Europe and the Pacific Asia between the end of the First World War and the beginning of the Cold War: Great Britain, the Soviet Union, the USA, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and Croatia.

Another mass murderer was Ottoman Turkey (it massacred over 1.5. million Armenians). It operated mostly during the Great War in 1915-16 (although some mass murders were committed before and after that period). Croatia operated in 1941-44 (during the Ustaše regime which killed around 300,000 Serbs).

Most of these serial mass murders (mass murders carried out during long periods of time) were democides. Victims (almost always unarmed civilians) were killed because they belonged to a specific nationality (e.g. Jews, Armenians or Serbs) or a social group (e.g. rich peasants, aristocrats, intellectuals, etc.).

The distinctive feature of a democide is that the victims were killed not for what they did (or did not do), but because of who they were. However, some of the victims were political opponents of the regime in the corresponding country.

The longest active and the most prolific (see below) serial mass murderer was the Soviet Union. It operated for thirty years – from 1917 to 1947. It was definitely the most prolific in terms of giving birth to other serial mass murderers.

While Nazi Germany created just one – Croatia (other allies of the Third Reich were essentially its accomplices), the Soviet Union created at least nine – Communist China, North Korea (the latter is very much active today), Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania (who in addition to murdering political opponents killed around two million Germans in 1945-1950), Yugoslavia (where victorious Communists massacred their political opponents as well as German and Croatian civilians), North Vietnam, Cambodia (the infamous Khmer Rouge regime) and Communist Cuba.

Nazi Germany operated as mass murderer during World War II – from 1939 to 1945, although the overwhelming majority of victims were killed between June 1941 and March 1945 – during the war on the Eastern front with the Soviet Union and partisans (guerilla fighters) in East European countries.

Imperial Japan operated in this capacity between 1937 (the beginning of the Second Sino-Japanese War) and 1945. The Japanese mass murderers killed about six million (estimates vary from three to ten million) Chinese, Koreans, Malaysians, Indonesians, Filipinos, Indochinese and Western prisoners of war. War crimes historians appropriately call this wholesale slaughter “the Asian Holocaust”.

The United States and Great Britain committed mass murders (by savage aerial bombing) in 1943-45 in Germany and in 1944-45 in Japan (the latter crimes were committed exclusively by the Yankees).

Although some of their victims were “collateral damage” incurred during aerial attacks on military installations and production facilities, the Allies deliberately targeted civilian population. Which made their activities a mass murder indeed.

Nazi Germany committed two mass murders – the Holocaust (extermination of Jews and Roma people in Nazi-controlled Europe) and mass murder of civilians in anti-guerilla warfare on German-occupied territories.

The first mass murder resulted in the estimated death toll of about six million; the second – about four million. Which makes the cumulative number of victims a staggering ten million human lives (another estimate is 11 million).

The Soviet Union in 1917-1947 committed the following horrific mass murders:

  1. Red Terror during the Civil War in Russia (1918-22) – 1.5 million dead
  2. Forced Collectivization in the Soviet Union (1929-35) – 700,000 victims
  3. Holodomor – artificial famine (“Holocaust by hunger”). About two million Ukrainians lost their lives and additional two million perished in other areas affected by the famine – Northern Caucasus, Volga Region and Kazakhstan. Which brings the total death toll to at least about 4 million
  4. GULag (1930-53) – the immense Soviet system of labor prison camps. About 1.5 million victims (overwhelmingly innocent of any crimes) died during their detention in these camps or right after they were released. Most deaths occurred before or during the World War II
  5. Great Terror which mostly happened in 1936-38 although some victims were killed before that time period (as early as in late 1920s) or after (even after the end of WW2). About 2 million citizens of the Soviet Union lost their lives
  6. Deportation of whole nations in the Soviet Union (mostly in 1941-49). About 1.4 million died. Additional 2.5 million died during deportation of innocent German civilians from East Prussia and the Eastern Europe (engineered by Stalin and executed by his puppets in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc.)

Which brings the total death toll from mass murders committed by the Bolshevist Soviet Union to a whopping 16.6 million. 50% more than the number of people (innocent civilians) killed by the Nazis.

It is very important to note that ethnic Germans have been brutally murdered by the Soviets and their puppets right when the Nazi leaders have been tried for exactly the same crimes in Nuremberg… by the Soviets.

The Soviet Union established the (initially) puppet Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, Asia and subsequently in Africa and in Central America. Consequently, it would be more than appropriate to add to this (already enormous) death toll the number of innocent civilians killed by these regimes. At least 3 million in Communist China, 1.6 million in North Korea, 2 million in Cambodia, 300,000 in Vietnam, 100,000 in Laos, 100,000 in East Germany, 100,000 in Bulgaria, 100,000 in Yugoslavia, 100,000 in Cuba.

Consequently, the Bolshevist Soviet Union is directly or indirectly responsible for the murder of 23.8 million people about twice as many deaths of innocent civilians (mercilessly murdered by Communists in the Soviet Union and its satellites). In other words, for twice the number of victims of Nazis and their puppet regimes.

British and American mass murderers are responsible for a far smaller death toll – they murdered (by aerial bombardment) “only” 600,000 German civilians and 800,000 Japanese (which results in a combined death toll of 1.4 million).

About eight times less than the German one and seventeen times less than the Soviet one. However, the criminal justice system in civilized nations does not differentiate between a serial killer who killed four victims and the one who killed forty-four.

In both cases, the penalty is exactly the same – death (where capital punishment is on the books and actually administered) or LWOP – life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Consequently, World War II was essentially the war between two teams of serial mass murderers – the team of Jack the Ripper, Andrei Chikatilo and the Zodiac and the team of Fritz Haarmann and Shoko Asahara.


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