Nazi Vision of a Thousand-Year German Reich


To properly understand Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany, one must properly understand Nazi long-term vision – of a thousand-year German Reich.

The Nazis were national-sociopaths driven by a deep and genuine patriotic love for Germany and the German nation. Consequently, in very general terms this vision was simple and very attractive – genuinely happy people living in a genuinely happy society. The devil – as usual – was in the details.

More specifically, their vision was of superhumans (Übermenschen) living in a national-socialist society and in a national-socialist state. The state that ensures a perfect harmony between its citizens.

Consequently, the Nazis had two fundamental long-term “quantum leap” objectives – (1) transforming the German nation into a nation of Übermenschen and (2) transforming the Weimar republic into an ideal national-socialist state and society.

Obviously, every Übermensch was supposed to have a perfect health and a strong and beautiful body (according to classical “Aryan” – i.e. North European – standards).

Women in a Nazi state were supposed to devote themselves exclusively to giving birth to and raising perfect Übermenschen of both sexes. Obviously, all homosexuals were to be either (preferably) “cured” (i.e., transformed into heterosexual) or physically eliminated (via a T-4 – style involuntary euthanasia program).

Men were supposed to dedicate themselves to supporting their wives (i.e. mothers of Übermenschen) and to productive work. In other words, to creating aggregate value (financial, functional, emotional and spiritual) by satisfying aggregate needs of other Germans. Either directly or by faithfully serving the national-socialist state and its Führer.

There was nothing fundamentally wrong about this vision (with the exception of persecution of homosexuals, of course). It is well-known (albeit, alas, rarely admitted in modern self-centered individualistic society) that a human being can be genuinely happy only in a family with children.

And Abraham Maslow discovered (in 1943, believe it or not) that a human being can be genuinely happy only if he (or she) satisfies his (or her) needs of self-actualization and self-transcendence.

The former requires an individual to discover and realize his or her full productive and creative potential; the latter – to use this potential to the maximum extent possible to satisfy aggregate needs of other members of the society in question (and of the whole society).

Technologies of the 1930s and 1940s did not allow a woman to simultaneously pursue a productive career and raise the happy and healthy children. Consequently, the Nazis were generally right by insisting that a woman focuses on the latter (a woman is first and foremost the mother, after all). In other words, being a mother and a wife without a successful career makes a woman far happier than having a successful career but no family and no children.


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