Mjölnir and the Creation of Übermenschen

MjölnirPost-WW2 “Esoteric Nazis” (i.e., those who interpret Nazism from the esoteric, occult or supernatural/paranormal perspective) present a very different vision of the Übermensch – creation process.

According to them, a “regular” human being can be transformed into an Übermensch (i.e. a super-human being) only with supernatural tools. More specifically, by a precise application of a supernatural spiritual energy.

In Norse mythology (held in high esteem by the Nazis), this energy is called Mjölnir (the Hammer of Thor). According to Norse beliefs, Mjölnir is one of the most fearsome and powerful supernatural weapons in existence (if not the most powerful).

According to some modern occult (i.e. neo-pagan) beliefs, Mjölnir is an extremely powerful supernatural spiritual energy, capable of (1) transforming the believer into a genuine Übermensch and (2) controlling minds of huge human audiences – both friends (i.e. fellow Germans/Aryans and their allies) and foes (i.e. the Jews, the British, the French or the Soviets).

Controlling via both tangible means (i.e., propaganda, education, training, indoctrination, etc.) and the intangible (i.e. magic, witchcraft, sorcery, etc.).

It also allows the believer in Mjölnir (and practitioner of these beliefs) to transform their books, magazines and other printed matter into powerful grimoires books with magical properties) and “charge” their symbols (flags, salutes, coats of arms, etc.), music, movies, etc. with emotional, spiritual and magical power.

Some occultists believe that Mjölnir and a mysterious Vril energy (usually considered a pure fiction) are one and the same thing. In Christianity, a rough equivalent of Mjölnir is the Divine Grace.

According to classic Norse mythology, Thor is the son of Odin (the chief Norse God) whose key function is protector of mankind (i.e. Nordic civilization). Which makes him a Nordic equivalent of Saint Michael the Archangel – the guardian angel and protector of Christian civilization.

Some occultists believe that the Nazis were able to achieve genuine miracles (economic, political, social and military) only because they (primarily Adolf Hitler) unconsciously used the power of Mjölnir. As did Richard Wagner in his operas (which thus became a powerful “Mjölnir channel”).

This power was granted to the Nazis by Thor (and thus Odin) because they (1) were fighting to save and protect the Northern civilization from being conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks; and (2) they adopted the swastika – one of the symbols of Mjölnir – as their symbol.

However, the Nazis (especially Adolf Hitler) did not believe in Mjölnir (or Norse gods for that matter). Hence, they were able to use only a small part of its immense powers. This deficiency led to colossal blunders and ultimately to their defeat in World war II, the demise of the Third Reich and to Hitler’s suicide in the Führerbunker.

SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler apparently did believe in something of that nature and even started to rebuild the Wewelsburg castle (which some occultists believe to be a powerful conduit of Mjölnir energies). However, he did not finish the job – the project was abandoned in 1943 – with the abovementioned results.

In other words, these occultists believe that the Nazis spent not too much time, effort and other resources on occult activities (as is commonly believed) – but too little. Way too little, in fact.

Which ultimately cost them their war, their state – and their very lives.


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