Creating the Übermenschen

ÜbermenschThe fundamental objective of transforming an “ordinary human” into an Übermensch is to radically increase the efficiency of the individual in question. In other words, to make this individual to utilize (realize) his or her potential to the maximum extent possible.

To achieve this (quite noble, actually) objective, Nazis used the following tools and methods:

  1. Omnipresent and powerful Nazi propaganda – radio, movies, newspapers, magazines, posters, etc.
  2. Emotional motivation – which is different from propaganda. The latter is universal while the former is specific to an individual (or a small group of individuals)
  3. Highly efficient system of education, training and indoctrination – in Hitler Youth, BDM, NSDAP, SS, Wehrmacht, etc.

However, these tools and methods were mostly short-term. The long-term solution to the “Übermenschen problem” (i.e. to the problem of transforming the “regular folk” into Übermenschen) was to be based on eugenics.

Nazis religiously believed (in this aspect national-socialism was, indeed, a religion) that the “Übermensch transformation” was not a daring quantum leap into the future, but a return to the glorious past.

They believed that initially, the German (Nordic/Aryan) race was a 100% Übermenschen; however, the Aryans committed the ultimate sin by interbreeding with members of “inferior races”. Which polluted their blood, minds and souls and resulted in gradual loss of superhuman abilities (thus transforming Übermenschen into “ordinary humans”).

Nazis (incorrectly) believed that to restore these capabilities (and thus to transform “ordinary folks” back into Übermenschen) they must restore the “purity of Aryan blood” via creative eugenics (“selective breeding”) process and ruthless “racial hygiene”.

Which was fundamentally scientifically wrong.


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