A Highly Imperfect Tool of the Providence


Hitler was a mystic. A genuine mystic. In other words, he had the ability to communicate (actually, listen to) with what he believed the Higher Power. Occasionally, he called it “God” but most of the time he called it Providence.

He sincerely (and correctly) believed that his was a loyal servant of this Higher Power (“I go the way that Providence dictates with the assurance of a sleepwalker” – he used to say) and (incorrectly) that it wanted the same thing as he did. And thus will protect him from all misfortunes (injury, illness, death, etc.) and perform miracles for him when he needs them to accomplish his Divine Mission.

Adolf Hitler wanted a lot. He wanted to right the wrongs committed by the Treaty of Versailles; fix enormous economic, political and social problems of Germany; punish both internal and external criminals (“November criminals” and “Versailles Robbers”) responsible for the humiliation and mugging of Germany; get back territories seized by the robbers; unite all Germans (including Austrians) into Ein Reich.

He wanted to restore German power and glory by transforming the defeated and depressed nation into an economic, political and military superpower; obtain enough Lebensraum in the East to make sure that horrors of the Blockade never happen again; and, first and foremost, to lead Germany and the German people to victory in the existential war with Bolshevism and the “Jewish race”.

And ultimately to transform Germany into a genuinely happy nation – the happiest in the world and in the whole human history.

Unfortunately for him, the Providence had but one goal – and a much simpler one. Adolf Hitler was right about one thing – the Western civilization at that time did face an existential threat and subsequently (after the German invasion of the Soviet Union) got involved in an existential war with an enemy out to destroy it and replace it with an alternative civilization – a global Communist state (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic).

However, this existential war was a clash of civilization (a cultural war), not a racial war. And there was no such thing as a “Jewish race”.

The Providence (that can be viewed as a Guardian Angel of the Western Civilization) did want Adolf Hitler to win this existential war – and to win it at any cost (short of making it a Pyrrhic victory). Consequently, it did not care about collateral damage to Germany (or any other country or nation for that matter) as long as “the cure was not worse than the disease”.

And this had no desire to help Hitler achieve his other objectives, minimize collateral damage – or protect him, Germany (or anyone else for that matter) once its objective has been achieved. Neither did not care what Hitler believed in – as long as he was working towards achieving the fundamental objective.

We have been conditioned to believe (by movies, fiction books, etc.) that any battle (let alone existential battle) is a battle between good guys and bad guys, good and evil, forces of light and forces of darkness. Reality, however, is substantially different.

Francis Paul Wilson is a bestselling author of over fifty mystical horror novels. And as some of the really gifted authors of mystical thrillers, a born mystic capable of superconsciously obtaining genuine supernatural knowledge and presenting it the form of fiction.

In his Adversary Cycle and some other Repairman Jack novels, he presented a paradigm which was very close to what was actually going on a supernatural (spiritual) plane in the first half of the XX century.

In this paradigm, a human civilization is a battlefield where an existential war is taking place between two cosmic forces – The Otherness and The Ally. The first one is out to destroy the human civilization as we know it and to replace it with an alternative – and a very different civilization.

The Ally protects the human civilization from destruction by the Otherness because it needs it for some purpose (which does not require its destruction). But often uses tools and methods that human ethics considers immoral (possibly even disgusting) and human law – outright criminal.

In reality, Hitler’s Providence (that I will subsequently refer to as The Protector) was very similar to The Ally in F. Paul Wilson’s novels. Like God, it had no other hands but ours (i.e. human) so it had to use individuals such as Adolf Hitler and other Nazis thus “writing straight with crooked lines”.

And chose to turn a blind eye to even the most heinous crimes committed by Adolf Hitler and other Nazis because (1) these unsavory characters were the only ones who could protect the Western civilization from being annihilated by The Destroyer (the real-world equivalent of Wilson’s The Otherness) and its implicit servants – Joseph Stalin and the Bolsheviks; and (2) they could do it only if allowed to commit those crimes – and to build The Third Reich the way they saw fit.

However (we have to give it credit for that), The Protector did not let Adolf Hitler, the Nazis (at least many of them) and the Third Reich in general. Being an immensely powerful supernatural entity, it possesses the ability to predict the future (technically, the most likely future).

Consequently, it was aware of the magnitude of crimes that will be committed by Adolf Hitler and other Nazis. And made sure that the Third Reich is quickly and completely destroyed (and Adolf Hitler is gone to the afterworld) after they do their job for The Protector and the Western Civilization.

In real history, both Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler were gone right after they inflicted sufficient damage on Stalin’s war machine, population and military-industrial complex to radically defuse its threat to the Western civilization and just three months before the USA dropped the first combat nuclear bomb on Hiroshima thus created the insurmountable deterrent that finally put an end to Stalin’s maniacal ambitions to conquer the world.

So its “Plan A” worked. Had it not worked, The Protector had “Plan B” (Valkyrie-style military coup in Nazi Germany) and “Plan C” (Germany being forced to return to the terms of the Versailles Treaty by the threat of being annihilated by nuclear bombs and strategic bombers developed and deployed by the Allies – the USA and Great Britain).

However, even The Protector does not have the power to violate the fundamental principle of the human Freedom of Will. Consequently, Adolf Hitler could have both won the Second World War (on both fronts) and achieved global domination (by being the first to develop and deploy a nuclear bomb, Horten XVIII–class high-speed, high-altitude intercontinental jet bomber and nuclear-tipped intermediate-range and strategic ballistic missiles) – by making and implemented the optimal military and R&D decisions.


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