Taking Stock and Planning for the Future


Becoming the Führer of NSDAP was a major milestone for Adolf Hitler. A quantum leap, actually. He was no longer a “nobody” from the social standing perspective, but one of the most successful individuals in Munich – and very probably in the whole (semi-independent) state of Bavaria.

He became a permanent resident (although not yet a citizen) of his beloved Germany relocating to Munich – the capital of a conservative (and culturally close to his native Austria) Bavaria.

He fought – bravely and valiantly – for his de-facto adopted nation, literally shedding blood for his new Fatherland (and suffering other injuries being poisoned by a mustard gas).

He received a much-deserved recognition of his service, courage and sacrifice – Iron Cross of Second and First Class (the last one being a very rare decoration for a mere corporal and this indicating exceptional courage and service).

He was not promoted beyond Feldwebel but it did not bother him in the least. Actually, he turned down the promotion himself. Although he was very comfortable in the Army environment (much more so than in civilian life), he had no desire for a military career.

He had no family – his parents and his loving aunt have died and he was estranged for his sister (his only surviving sibling) and never had even a “platonic” (let alone sexual) relationship with a woman, effectively taking a vow of celibacy. Which did not bother him either – he accepted that this was a sacrifice necessary for accomplishing his unique, great and glorious Mission.

He did not receive the higher education (in fact, he has not even completed a secondary one) but it did not bother him, too. He firmly believed that he could (and would) successfully accomplish his Mission without wasting time and effort on a university degree. That he either already had all knowledge and skills that he needed – or would obtain them via much more efficient self-education.

He failed at his attempts to become a famous painter – or a famous architect. But he knew that it was a blessing in disguise as these failures made it possible for him to identify his Destiny, his Mission, the true meaning and purpose of his life.

By the age of thirty-two, he knew precisely who he was, what he wanted in life and what his great and glorious Mission was. He knew that he was the Chosen One, the Savior, the Messiah, the Führer whose job (whose Destiny, in fact) was to right the wrongs committed by the Treaty of Versailles; fix enormous economic, political and social problems of Germany; punish both internal and external criminals (“November criminals” and “Versailles Robbers”) responsible for the humiliation and mugging of Germany; get back territories seized by the robbers; unite all Germans (including Austrians) into Ein Reich; restore German power and glory by transforming the defeated and depressed nation into an economic, political and military superpower; obtain enough Lebensraum in the East to make sure that horrors of the Blockade never happen again; and, first and foremost, to lead Germany and the German people to victory in the existential war with Bolshevism and the “Jewish race”.

And ultimately to transform Germany into a genuinely happy nation – the happiest in the world and in the whole human history.

He has already made the first vital steps to achieving this highly noble objective. He became a powerful, highly efficient, inspirational and hypnotic public speaker – the most powerful in Munich and very probably in the whole of Bavaria.

He was an absolute ruler, the dictator of a political party – the indispensable tool for achieving power necessary to successfully fulfil his Mission. The party that provided him with hundreds of loyal supporters.

He had another indispensable tool at his disposable – Völkischer Beobachter (by the end of the year he will become its sole owner). The still very much local newspaper that has the potential to become a powerful national media outlet. It called itself the “fighting paper of the National Socialist movement of Greater Germany”, after all.

He proved himself to be a skilled, competent, experienced, cunning and efficient political operator and manipulator by securing vital support from wealthy sponsors, thwarting the attempt for a hostile takeover of his party by DSP (and the Thule Society) and engineering his own takeover of NSDAP instead.

He got the much-coveted (and vital) political recognition – invitation to a private political discussion by no other than Minister-President (head of the state government) of Bavaria Gustav Ritter von Kahr.

One of the common definitions of happiness is that it is a state of harmony with oneself, God (the “Higher Power”) and the people around you. By that definition, in 1921, Adolf Hitler was a perfectly happy individual (to the extent it was possible in Germany at that time given the highly uncomfortable environment – to put it mildly).

He found himself (the overwhelming majority of people never do); he knew perfectly well who he was, where he was going and what his Mission was. And he had a perfectly comfortable relationship with people around him – first and foremost, his audience at party meetings.

A well-known German astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin wrote:

It appears as if he only in his element when he has a mass audience that eagerly listens to every word he utters. On the platform he is like a man possessed, like a medium, the unconscious tool of Higher Powers.

Indeed, Adolf Hitler felt that his great, glorious, noble and even divine Mission was bestowed upon him by the Higher Power (the Almighty Providence). The Power that guided him (with powerful revelations), helped him (by performing genuine miracles for him) and protected him (by saving his life on the battlefield). And will continue to guide, help and protect him.

The formula of harmony and happiness in relationship with people around you is very simple. “I give, I receive; I receive, I give – in perfect balance”. Balance in term of aggregate value – financial, functional but, first and foremost, emotional and spiritual (i.e. by giving and receiving energies vital for emotional and spiritual nourishment of a human being).

And that’s precisely what Hitler did during his speeches (sermons, actually). He gave his listeners exactly the energies (the content of his speeches was nothing special) that they needed to feel nourished (emotionally and spiritually) whole, and ultimately happy.

Yes, it was “happiness on a battlefield” of an existential war – but it was happiness nevertheless. And he received from his audience exactly the same energies (“what I give – I receive”) that were vital for his emotional and spiritual nourishment – and thus for his happiness.

It was all good and well, of course, but there was still a lot of work to be done. He had to transform still very small and very local party into a powerful nationwide political machine. And then use it to achieve his ultra-ambitious objectives, to accomplish his ultra-ambitious Mission.

A propaganda machine (private and public), a money-making machine (to generate cash for an incredibly expensive project of obtaining the absolute power in Germany) and a paramilitary machine (to protect itself from the violent political opponents that had their own paramilitary units). And an extremely powerful and efficient organization (system) that will manage “all of the above”.

And that’s what he started to work on – the very next day after he was confirmed as the absolute ruler, the dictator, the Führer of NSDAP. And maybe even on the very same day.

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