Hitler’s Natal Chart – that He Should Have Studied

NatalAdolf Hitler did not believe in the value of astrology. Until May 11th 1940, he simply ignored it considering this “occult science” an essentially harmless entertainment.

However, when he learned that astrological predictions inspired his deputy Rudolf Hess take a solo flight to England to negotiate peace with the British Government, he got so enraged that he immediately ordered a crackdown on astrology and astrologers in Greater Germany.

Acting on his orders, the Gestapo arrested and sent to concentration camps more than 600 practicing astrologers. Without any trial or even without any criminal charges – under the “preventive detention” decree.

While predictive astrology is generally considered a bunch of bunk (the fundamental principle of human Freedom of Will makes predicting the future practically impossible), descriptive (natal) astrology is a different thing entirely.

Natal astrology, by definition, is a methodology (but not science!) that allows to develop a comprehensive profile of the personality of an individual based on his/her date, time and place of birth.

This methodology is exceedingly complex and does not always produce clear-cut unambiguous results (which might be open to often very different interpretations). Consequently, it is simply impossible to scientifically prove or disprove the validity, usefulness and value of natal astrology.

However, in many cases it does produce amazingly accurate and thus highly valuable results. Consequently, it is usually a good idea to have your natal chart constructed (these days computers do it instantly) and then analyzed by several experienced astrologers.

Obviously, these analyses must be taken with caution and a grain of salt but should nevertheless been taken into account when planning one’s life and career as they can prevent costly (sometimes) very costly mistakes – in terms of time, effort and money.

When he decided to pursue the career of a painter and thus to apply to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Adolf Hitler clearly did not consult an astrologer (although there were plenty of those in Linz where he resided at that time).

Which turned out to be a big mistake (very big, actually), because had he done that, it would have prevented him from wasting ten extremely valuable years of his life – and most likely led to a very different outcome of the Second Great War.

Why? Because his natal chart clearly demonstrated that the natural career path for him is neither painting nor architecture, but politics.

Hitler’s Mercury (a planet of communication) occupies a prominent position in his horoscope – it is s conjunct (close to) an area that defines the natural career for the individual in question.

Which means that the natural career path for Hitler was not in painting or architecture but in communications. The influence of Mercury is amplified by the fact that it is close to the boundary of the 7th house – the house of “other people”. Which indicates effective and formidable oratorical abilities and thus means – beyond the reasonable doubt – that the natural career for Adolf Hitler was in public speaking.

Hitler’s Mercury is in Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars (planet of war). Which means that his communication style was fiery, assertive, forceful, belligerent, aggressive, confrontational and even verbally violent (and would deal with the matters of war and social violence).

It also means that Hitler head the unique ability to preach ‘I am one of you’ or ‘I represent you’ to the masses (making him a religious preacher – not just a politician). His Mercury is in poor shape which means that in his public speaking he will appeal to the most basic feelings – even to instincts.

And several different sources in his natal chart plainly indicate his hypnotic abilities to provoke powerful (and not necessarily positive) emotions in large masses of people.

Hitler’s Midheaven (the area that largely defines one’s career) is Leo (the sign of the leaders), ruled by the Sun. And the Sun is in Taurus, in his 7th house (area of the “other people” – the community).

His Saturn situated in the 10th house. Meant determination to achieve public acclaim, prestige, recognition and fame – to be in the limelight at all times. In other words, to make a quantum leap up on the social ladder.

Together, this all points to ‘career’ connected to a powerful sense of ego (i.e. to leadership). To authoritarian leadership. To dictatorship (his Venus in Taurus indicates tyrannical inclinations).

Which means only one thing – the natural occupation for Adolf Hitler was politics. Public politics. He was born to be a very powerful public speaker and a politician. The leader. The Führer.

The Führer who will rule using violence on a regular basis as a key tool for achieving his objectives. Who will put a lot of energy this violence that might lead to “extermination”. The Führer who seeks to establish harmony in “his world” but believes that the only way to create this harmony is to eliminate dissension. Literally.

His Mercury is in a wide opposition aspect (about 180°) to Uranus, the planet of restlessness, change and revolution. Which means that Adolf Hitler was destined to become not just a politician, but a revolutionary – someone who would bring a radical change to his country (and to the whole world).

However, it does not mean that this change would necessarily be positive. His Venus is is conjunct Mars (a planet of war). Which meant that Adolf Hitler had the potential to cause great harm, commit large-scale political crimes and even cause a serious war.

His Venus, Mars and Saturn are also all in fixed signs, indicative of an underlying extraordinary tenacity and perseverance (indispensable qualities for a politician), stubbornness.

Stubbornness that could be very harmful – to him as well as to others. In particular, it indicates his destructive tendency to blame everyone else (Sun in 7th) for everything what went wrong. It was never his own fault. In other words, his total lack of humility – a potentially fatal flaw for a leader.

His horoscope indicates that the dividing line between the conscious mind and other levels of mind has become blurred. Which means strong mystical abilities, openness to “revelations from above” but also serious mental instability bordering on insanity.

Which, in turn, means that while he may (unconsciously) use these abilities to find creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems, he might also commit colossal blunders and stubbornly insist on destructive and even suicidal course of actions sincerely believing that he is guided by a Higher Power.

Pluto in the 8th house gave him the crucial capability of being able to see beneath the surface, to understand hidden motivations of others (in other words, to be an excellent judge of character, intentions and situations).

Neptune conjunct Pluto in this house could make Hitler easily substitute what he wanted to see with what was actually there. Which led to dangerous, destructive and ultimately fatal delusions – and thus to fatal (i.e. suicidal) decisions and actions.


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