Hitler’s Sermons

Every Hitler’s speech (which was actually more like a passionate sermon) was long by the standards of that time. It lasted for about two hours and followed the same unique, powerful and highly efficient pattern.

He began his homily slowly, filled it with plenty of sarcasm, proceeded with personalized attacks on named targets (Jews, Communists, Social Democrats, etc.), and then by gradually increasing its emotional intensity brought it to a climax – whipping his audiences into a highly agitated state.

His ability to hypnotize his listeners into this “altered state of mind” – an ecstatic trance-like frenzy – was probably his most unique and the most powerful ability that set his apart from his rivals and made him the pre-eminent political public speaker of his days.

He had the natural ability (which is mostly nature rather than nurture) to transform his listeners into berserkers – champion Norse warriors who fought in a trance-like fury, entering the battle entrenched in a state of primal rage, biting their shields and howling like wolves. Their fanaticism was so powerful that they were known to continue fighting even after having lost limbs or being otherwise deeply (and even mortally) wounded.

It is very important that Hitler transformed all his listeners into passionate warriors (“Norse berserks”). His supporters (Nazis) fought for him; his opponents (Communists and Social democrats) fought against his. Which resulted in almost battle-style confrontations – which Nazis won all the time, every time.


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