Nazi Party Program – Conclusions

Analysis of the “25-points” NSDAP program can lead to only one conclusion – that it was a natural and almost perfect program for a national-socialist, patriotic (albeit national-sociopathic), racist and anti-Semitic (Judeophobic) party. Which DAP (subsequently NSDAP) undoubtedly was.

It is also obvious that this program was a thinly-veiled declaration of the intent of the Nazi party to come to power in Germany (and to obtain the absolute, unlimited, dictatorial power). Because it was no less obvious that there was no major party in Germany at that time (or even later) that would have agreed to implement this program.

The program that for the most part was implemented – ultimately with murderous results for the Jews and other nations – and with the catastrophic results for Germany.

It is worth noting that the program contained no reference to Marxism or Bolshevism. Which was not surprising at all as the program listed specific measures to be taken, not general declarations on political issues.

Nazis openly called for not only the ban on the Communist (and Social democratic) parties, but for their complete and utter destruction. They did not have to dedicate a separate point for this declaration as point #18 would have eliminated all their political opponents (not just Communists and Social Democrats). And it did.


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