How Hitler Perceived Himself and His Mission (2)

HitlerAdolf Hitler knew that the abovementioned objectives would be extremely difficult to achieve even without any opposition. Any serious opposition made them downright impossible.

Consequently, he knew that he simply had to eliminate his political opponents by either transforming them into his supporters (ideally) or secure locking them up in detention centers (concentration camps) where they could do no harm to his efforts to win the existential war.

He also had to make sure that any political opposition is promptly and efficiently suppressed well before it becomes a problem. Therefore, he needed sufficient number of concentration camps and highly efficient secret police, prosecution and courts systems.

Adolf Hitler knew that to obtain the absolute power in Germany (and to use this power in the most efficient way after he got it), he needed a powerful tool – a political party. And that before he could become the Führer of Germany, he must become the Führer (i.e. the dictator with unlimited power) of this political party

Military coups and other uprisings were popular at that time so it is no surprise that initially Hitler favored the “quick and dirty” (and very possibly bloody) path to absolute power in Germany.

But after his Beer Hall Putsch miserably failed (and Hitler himself narrowly escaped death) in November of 1923, he wisely changed his mind and declared that from now on he will use only legal means in his pursuit of absolute power in Germany.

So he concentrated on transforming his still-fledgling NSDAP into a very powerful political, propaganda and military (in terms of street fighting and overall intimidation of opponents) machine with the ultimate objective of winning the majority of votes in Reichstag elections which would make him the Chancellor of Germany.

Consequently, the biography of Adolf Hitler is but a description of how he discovered, defined (“verbalized”), lived and fulfilled his Mission (the way he perceived it). In other words, of key steps to fulfilling his Destiny.

How realistic was his perception of his Mission? Well, it is obvious that Adolf Hitler had absolutely unique charisma, public speaking, organizational, political, inspirational and motivational skills, an excellent “reader of people” (i.e. judge of character, capability and weaknesses) and an exceptional knack for spotting and using talents.

Which ultimately made him one of the greatest leaders of not only the XX century, but of the whole human history (note: “great” does not necessarily mean “benign” as there are quite a few genuinely great criminals).

If you believe in Higher Power than you simply have to agree that such unique and powerful capabilities were given to Adolf Hitler for a reason. A very serious reason.

And a very obvious reason as at that time (as early as in 1920), Germany, Europe, the whole Western (Christian) civilization and very possibly the whole human civilization faced the genuinely existential threat. The Bolshevist threat.

And was, indeed, fighting the existential war with Bolshevism and the Bolshevist Soviet Union (whether it liked it or not, whether it wanted it or not). However, this war was a cultural and civilizational war (maybe a religious war as well if you consider Bolshevism a neo-Pagan quasi-religion). But it was no “racial war” and Jews had nothing to do whatsoever.

Consequently, it is very much possible that Adolf Hitler’s perception that he was born (sent by the Providence) to fight and win the existential war with the sworn enemy out to destroy Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization, was basically correct.

However, his perception of reality got so distorted and corruption by ignorance (lack of absolutely vital knowledge), prejudices (e.g. anti-Semitism) and the deadly sins of pride, wrath (hatred) and sloth that he committed horrendous crimes and made fatal mistakes that ultimately cost him his war, his Reich and his life.

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