How Hitler Perceived Himself and His Mission (1)


It is a well-known law of psychology that for every human being his or her perception of reality is the only reality. And Adolf Hitler was no exception.

He was convinced that he was believed that he was born (sent by the Providence) and given very unique and very powerful gifts and abilities to become the absolute Leader, the all-powerful Führer of Germany and to use this power to make Germany secure, prosperous and genuinely happy nation – the global economic, political and military superpower.

But he believed that he was born to accomplish more than that. Much more. He was born to be a Savior, a Messiah; a hero who must fulfil a great and glorious Mission – to lead the Übermenschen (the German nation and the whole “Aryan race” to victory in the existential war with the inferior alien races (Untermenschen) – first and foremost, with the “Jewish race”.

More specifically, to fight and win the existential war with Marxists and Bolsheviks both inside and outside Germany (Hitler believed that Marxism and Bolshevism were but the key parts of a global Jewish conspiracy against the Aryan race).

Which in reality meant fighting and winning the war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union (and with its all-powerful dictator Joseph Stalin). However, Hitler (erroneously) believed that the victory on the battlefield will not be enough and to make his victory irreversible, he must physically remove Jews from the territory of Germany and then of the whole Europe (i.e. perform ethnical cleansing of Europe from the Jews making it Judenfrei).

Hitler firmly believed that to win this existential war, he had to do away with the humiliating terms (“shackles”) imposed on Germany at gunpoint by the Treaty of Versailles; solve seemingly impossible economic problems (do away with unemployment, get the country out of the Great Depression, etc.); radically increase economic power and economic growth in Germany; unite all Germans in Europe (including Austrians) into a Greater Germany (Ein Volk – Ein Reich) and, obviously to radically increase its military might.

It was plainly obvious that the Weimar Republic was way too inefficient to be able to solve these existential problems. Only a dictatorship could. Consequently, Hitler knew that to achieve these vital objectives, he had to become not just the leader, but the all-powerful Führer of Germany.

And to ruthlessly transform the Weimar Republic into a totalitarian state – the highly-efficient political, economic, social and government system (Führerstaat) based on the omnipresent Führer’s principle.

He knew that to achieve the abovementioned objectives, he had to get the most (in terms of aggregate value) out of every German worker, manager, soldier, offices, politician, government official, etc.

To make it happen, he had to not only radically improve the quality of life of all Germans (“a happy worker is a productive worker”), but to develop an extremely powerful (almost omnipotent) and omnipresent propaganda machine.


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