What Hitler Did Not Say in His Political Testament

PTObviously, it is important what Adolf Hitler said in his political testament. But no less important is what he did not say.

First, he never explicitly mentioned Bolshevism, although it was the Bolshevist Red Army that was closing in on his Führerbunker. Most likely, he did not mention it because he still (erroneously) believed that Bolshevism was just one of the Jewish conspiracies and thus did not deserve mentioning. And he said a lot about Jews in his testament.

Second, he did not accept (or even acknowledged) his part of the blame for igniting the Second Great War – although it was obvious that it was his invasion of Poland that triggered the bloodiest and the most destructive war in human history.

He should have told the truth – that although he had to invade Poland to be able to pre-empt (via blitzkrieg) the invasion of Germany by the Bolshevist hordes (that would have destroyed Germany and the whole European civilization), this invasion was driven by his thirst for the Lebensraum in the East – and thus was also a essentially colonial war. But he didn’t.

He did not acknowledge the defeat of Germany either. Nor did he order the unconditional surrender, leaving these humiliating tasks to his designated successor – Karl Dönitz. Which was – let’s be honest – a cowardly thing to do.

He acknowledge that the war was lost (and accepted his responsibility for losing it) implicitly – by announcing that he decided to commit suicide. But he did not accept this responsibility explicitly – which again was cowardice, plain and simple.

He did not accept the fact that national-socialism in Germany was gone for good. Instead, he defiantly ordered all Germans to “continue the building of the National Socialist state”, acknowledging that it might take centuries.

Which was a delusion, plain and simple as science proved beyond the reasonable doubt that there were no “superior races” or “inferior races”; that there was no “Jewish race” ; that eugenics was a pseudo-science that did not work. And, of course that there was no such thing as an “existential racial war”.

As the abovementioned myths were the cornerstones of national-socialist Third Reich, there is no doubt at all that it will never be resurrected. It does not mean that we will not see the establishment of Fourth Reich (we very well might) but even if we do, it will be very different from the Nazi state that was destroyed in the Second World War.

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