Did Hitler Really Commit Suicide?


The best-known conspiracy theory is arguably the one that claims that Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his Führerbunker on April 30th 1945 (Nazi UFOs is actually an urban legend, not a conspiracy theory).

According to this theory, Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, survived, escaped the city of Berlin and subsequently lived in hiding either in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Spain, etc.) or in Latin America (e.g. Argentina).

Like many other conspiracy theories, this one is based on an indisputable fact that there is no physical evidence (i.e. confirmation by DNA analysis) that Hitler has, indeed, died in the abovementioned place on the abovementioned date.

A skull fragment with a bullet hole, found outside Hitler’s bunker and kept in Russia’s federal archives in Moscow, was for decades believed to be that of Hitler. However, in 2009, samples of the skull were DNA-tested at the University of Connecticut by archaeologist and bone specialist Nick Bellantoni and was found to be that of a woman aged under 40.

True, jawbone fragments and two dental bridges were found near the Führerbunker in early May of 1945. They were shown to Hitler’s dentist, Hugo Blaschke; dental assistant Käthe Heusermann; and longtime dental technician Fritz Echtmann, who confirmed the dental remains found were Hitler’s and Braun’s

However, every homicide detective knows that there is a serious problem with witnesses. They lie. Hence, the belief that these objects did, indeed, belong to Adolf Hitler and his wife is based on the words of two committed Nazis who had no love for the Allies and had no incentive to tell the truth.

Recently, a team of French pathologists was allowed to inspect a set of teeth kept in Moscow that were allegedly recovered in Berlin in the same place as the previous objects in early May 1945 — the first time that Russian authorities had allowed anyone to examine the remains in over 70 years.

The teeth matched descriptions provided by Hitler’s dentist and revealed no trace of meat — consistent with the fact that the Führer was vegetarian. Unfortunately, all that this study was able to prove is that the owner of the teeth in question has not consumed meat in a long time – a very common situation is starving 1945 Berlin.

Descriptions also mean little – you need X-rays at least and ultimately the DNA test (comparison with the DNA provided by relatives of Adolf Hitler). Which is the only incontrovertible evidence that the remains in question, indeed, belong to the individual in question.

The DNA test was never done so there is no physical evidence whatsoever that support the conclusion that Hitler and Eva Braun have committed suicide in Berlin on April 30th, 1945.

It appears that the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin was unimpressed with both the evidence and the witnesses’ statements, because until his very death he both privately and publicly stated his opinion that Hitler did not commit suicide, but escaped and was now living in hiding.

His opinion was first publicly announced by Marshall Georgy Zhukov at a press conference in Potsdam on June 9th, 1945 on direct orders from Soviet leader, Joseph Stalin.

It is also an indisputable historical fact that by the end of April, 1945, Alois Hudal and other priests and officials of the Holy Roman Catholic Church (of all organizations) have already established an efficient system of “Ratlines” – escape routes that allowed Nazis and other fascists to flee Europe and find sanctuary in Latin America, Australia, Canada and the Middle East.

However, there is enough circumstantial evidence that the “mainstream” theory is true and correct and Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun did, indeed, commit suicide in the Führerbunker on April 30th 1945.

First, although some witnesses do lie, too many witnesses produced too similar and too detailed accounts of Hitler’s suicide for them being just an elaborate lie intended to cover up Hitler’s escape from Berlin.

Second, by April 30th the Führerbunker area was so tightly encircled by the Red Army and the fighting was so intense that no one is known to have escaped the area (or Berlin for that matter). Everyone trying to do so was either killed or captured.

And given the fact that by that time Adolf Hitler was in such a bad health that it would have simply physically impossible to survive the escape attempt – even if had, indeed, attempted an escape.

Which he hadn’t – for two fundamental reasons. First, he did not have to because just two days earlier he had a perfect opportunity to escape by flying “the last plane from Berlin”.

In the evening of April 28th, 1945, a daredevil test pilot Hanna Reitsch took off in a two-seater Arado 96 aircraft from an improvised airstrip in the Tiergarten near the Brandenburg Gate taking with her Generalfeldmarschall Robert Ritter von Greim who has just been appointed commander-in-chief of Luftwaffe by Hitler.

Hanna Reitsch offered to take Hitler with her to fly him to safety, but he flatly refused saying that he will either win or died with his loyal soldiers in Berlin. His sense of honor (and, believe it or not, he had one) did not allow him to abandon and thus betray his troops.

But it was more than just a sense of military honor. Adolf Hitler deeply and sincerely believed in the reality of the existential “racial wars” and of the merciless Natural Law that governed them.

By April 30th, it was obvious to Adolf Hitler that the Nazi Germany has lost what he perceived an existential racial war and thus – according to the ruthless Natural Law – no longer deserve to live.

Which prompted him to issue the so-called “Nero Decree” ordering Albert Speer (the de-facto Chief Engineer of the Third Reich at that time) to destroy whatever was left of Germany. Speer predictable disobeyed this genuinely diabolical order.

According to the same unforgiving Natural Law Adolf Hitler – the Führer of the Nazi Germany and commander-in-chief of its Armed Forces – also did not deserve to live and thus had to commit suicide (“samurai-style”, only with a gun instead of a sword).

So at 04:00 (4 AM) on April 29th, Adolf Hitler signed two documents – his Political Testament and his personal Last Will and Testament. His personal will was officially witnessed by Martin Bormann and Colonel Nicolaus von Below – his Luftwaffe adjutant.

His political testament by Joseph Goebbels, Martin Bormann, General Wilhelm Burgdorf (Chief Adjutant to Adolf Hitler), and General Hans Krebs (Chief of Staff of the OKH – the German Army High Command). Subsequently all these witnesses except Colonel von Below (who lived to the ripe old age of 75) committed suicide on 1-2 May, 1945.

All this evidence is completely consistent with the “official” (“mainstream”) theory that Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide in the Führerbunker on April 30th, 1945 and totally inconsistent with the “escape theory”.

Consequently, this evidence, though circumstantial, proves beyond the reasonable doubt that the mainstream theory is true and correct and the “escape theory” is pure fiction.


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