Wunderwaffen – Conclusion


  1. During World War II, Nazi Germany developed and deployed twenty-four revolutionary weapons – three times more than all Allies combined
  2. These revolutionary weapons included assault rifles, jet fighters and bombers, cruise and ballistic missiles, smart bombs, wire-guided anti-tank missiles and others that now are the backbone of just about every modern army
  3. Nazi engineers created these weapons because they sincerely (and correctly) believed that Germany was fighting an existential war and that after the failure of blitzkrieg on the Eastern front the only way to win the ensuing war of attrition was to develop and deploy a true Wunderwaffe that will force its enemies either to surrender or to sue for peace on Germany’s terms
  4. However, none of the weapons developed by Nazi Germany managed to achieve this vital objective so precious resources spent on development, manufacturing and deployment of these weapons were essentially wasted
  5. To win the war of attrition, Nazi Germany needed to develop and deploy just three Wunderwaffen – atomic (fission) bomb; high-speed, high-altitude intercontinental jet-bomber of Horten XVIII class and thousands of Enzian-class guided surface-to-air missiles
  6. To develop and deploy these weapons, Nazi Germany had to focus all its R&D efforts and resources on just these three projects as early as from 1939 – from the very beginning of World War II (as a “plan B” in case that “plan A” – the blitzkrieg – fails)
  7. Unfortunately for Nazi Germany, its Führer Adolf Hitler failed to foresee that in just ten years the keys to world domination would be nuclear weapons and their unstoppable delivery systems – strategic intercontinental bombers and ballistic missiles
  8. Consequently, even if Nazi Germany had won World War II (which was a very real possibility), it would have been forced to surrender and return to the 1937 borders and the terms of the Versailles treaty by the US-British alliance under the threat of being completely and quickly destroyed by strategic bombers carrying nuclear bombs


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